• Notknowing

    Get well soon Paul. From a fellow chiver at CFB Esquimalt.

    • FiftybelowZero

      Get well soon from CFB Esquimalt!!

  • Chivette


  • cleojones

    Good Luck and God speed to you 🙂

  • David

    I don't know who you are Paul but from a fellow Chiver and RCAF member kick the shit out of Cancer. KCCO

  • John

    Best wishes from a CF-18 tech in Cold Lake, AB

  • fattyninja

    Stomp a mudhole in cancers ass Paul!!

  • Boobs

    It is best she is gone. She was cluttering the place up with her butterface.

    Go Paul! Best wishes!

  • Jason

    kick cancers ass. Godspeed Paul. I wish you the best.


  • J-Walk

    Beat the piss out of that cancer Paul! KCCO!

    But remember, after you beat it, you're still Canadian.

  • Tiber_Septim

    Paul, KCCO! , target the cancer and pull the trigger

  • Mike

    Round House cancer in the face Paul, KCCO Sea King Chiver

  • ghostofmlg

    Keep your chin up Paul, from a former co-worker in YZX.

  • Kiligula

    Keep calm & fuck cancer, WO!

  • christo

    Get Well soon from 15 Wing Moose Jaw

  • Average_Joe123

    Get well soon!

  • kgg

    fuck cancer

  • NoHope4Some

    Currently going through the process of becoming a AEC. Yesterday I did a tour of the Air Force Base in Trenton. Hope to meet you one day Paul.

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