Congrats on the biggest biceps in the world, now excuse me while I vomit (12 Photos)


  • RetiredChief

    Definitely using roids injected directly into the biceps and triceps. Look at how small he is everywhere else, especially his forearms. He reminds me of Gregg Valentino. Google search The man whose arms exploded.

  • Nick

    It's all synthol. He will be getting them drained. Best part is he probably isn't even strong. What an idiot. Would like to see him in my crossfit gym

  • gee

    douchbag that is all he is

  • vahung

    Are we certain this isn't cancer? How is it even possible to get biceps like that while the forearms stay so thin?

  • SteveO

    Now lets see how small his dick is…

  • Jruss

    What a f#*$ing retard

  • hot chivette

    if this was a chick with the biggest tits or ass- real or fake- chivers would be all about it. im not saying i find this attractive but id like to see what half of these guys commenting with negativity look like. my guess is pretty damn ugly, thats why theyre on chive jerking off to hot girls they can never get in real life and hating on guys who work hard!

  • um . . .


  • Mike

    I wonder how much he pays someone to wipe his ass.

  • thebigjulian

    im a muay thai artist of 7 years saying…..this would be the easiest fight in the world

  • mike

    it was funny as i read this someone threw up lol

  • M4jestic

    .. just one needle

  • Blah

    And in related news, the same man apparently with the "largest biceps in the world" has also received the award for biggest douche bag.

  • ILoveGifs

    Screw the biceps, show us more the girl!

  • jimdazley

    Total bull shits. Not with those forearms!

  • Dan

    asshole is using too much synthol. what a clown.

  • salmon

    Thats callefd SYNTHOL!!!!

  • yayaya

    guys probably never done an actual curl before…

  • salmon

    Thats called SYNTHOL!!!!!

  • Leonardo

    What happens if his nose itches and he's alone? (or he has an eyelash inside his eye, etc)

  • lucky dice23

    …so if his nose is itchy then what?

  • Andy

    It doesn't look like he's a "body builder at all. It looks like he's an arm-builder. The contrast between his upper arms and forearms is pretty bad.

  • mdsawyermd

    Look at the forearms. Those have to be implants.

  • dude

    those are really huge tumors meanwhile the way he talks is just a speech impediment

  • stalin

    For those who don't know, these are implants. Look it up, there is no way your tricep will ever look that round. Another wanna be, taking the easy way and looking like shitty douche bag. Haha

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