Congrats on the biggest biceps in the world, now excuse me while I vomit (12 Photos)


  • mdsawyermd

    A nice summary of the points as to why they're obviously fake and not gained by "bodybuidling".

  • Tatts

    He's been wearing that shirt for 7 years.

  • chris demauro

    bro im not impressed, if you dedicated as much time to training your forearms, as you did your biceps maybe i would be a little impressed. but congrats it doesn't look good at all, you should try to compare greg valentino.

  • aline119

    Wonder how long it takes to get his shirt on in the morning?

  • skin

    Bingo Wings

  • Ashley

    Well that's incredibly disappointing. He's actually pretty damn hot .. UNTIL you see the arms. Overkill dude.

  • Dunn

    It's funny, if it truly were an "arm day" he might actually have some forearm muscle, instead of the forearms of a 10 year old.

  • cleojones


  • Esmithmm1224

    That's what happens when you shoot the steroids directly in the muscle. Oh, and skip leg day.

  • Rett

    Damn that must've been a whole lotta fappin' to get those …

  • Zxirex

    The product he is using to inject into his muscle tissue is called Synthol.

  • Anon


  • rap

    I bet he punches like a pussy

  • Dave

    That shit gay!

  • Bill Fucking murray

    aquires worlds largest arms, cant answer the phone

  • Brian T

    Just a fat wannabe Greg Valentino

  • Jman

    I wonder if he can still wipe his ass with those arms in the way! ha

  • Stewart

    How does he put on shirts??

  • MjD

    I know about this guy. He injects directly into the Biceps and Triceps.

  • caait_e

    sorry about your dick, bro

  • Escalate

    Nice implants.

  • Nathan Holle

    Implants? I could crush his forearms with the grip I've built from "actually" working out. And surely that has to be a record for biggest arm (includes triceps) as

  • Nate

    He Puts Synthal on His Wheaties!!!

  • maria

    it just looks like he is so fat that his arm fat is drooping to me

  • boobietime

    Looks like a case of douchebagitis. probably fatal.

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