Congrats on the biggest biceps in the world, now excuse me while I vomit (12 Photos)


  • poops mcgee

    Not even kidding that guy works at a gas station in Southborough MA I go to all the time

  • Poooopooooo


  • Michael

    Sweet hematomas dude might wanna go to the hospital and get that drained

  • yum yums

    S*Y*N*T*H*O*L is correct. What a loser.

  • Keenan

    sorry about your dick bro

  • @Manic_Mind

    Douche bag owns two gas stations in Massachusetts… I haven't seen him in a while. Must have been on tour showing off his awesome arms! His goal must have been to get in Guinness for this… there is no other reason to work out on ONLY your biceps!!

  • Shameless1

    There's no muscle at all. It's just synthol injections. Steroids can't even do that.

  • SmartZombie

    Congratulations, you're deformed!

  • Billy

    "European born douchebag"… #6, #9 Amazing how one can attain such massive and unnaturally shaped bicep and tricep muscles without ever engaging their forearms. Didn't know the ability to inject synthol into your arms put you in bodybuilder status. Thought that actually involved, idk, building your body.

  • Average_Joe123

    #1 Everyday is an upper body day?

  • Qwixel

    There was a video a while back about a guy who did steroids that had arms just like that, until they exploded and started leaking goo everywhere.

  • stu

    That my friends, is something called synthol, and you thought roids worked fast…

  • Grant

    Nice implants buddy, who do you think your kidding. Anyone who's ever lifted weights knows that you can't build biceps like that without building at least some muscle on your forearms and shoulders. Sue the Doctor, get your money back. You look like a retard.

  • GGwhatYoNameIs

    Clearly this isn't the award for the biggest NATURAL biceps.

    Implants don't count, douche.

  • OzWhistlerianChiver


  • Randy

    His dick is def. Microscopic.

  • Stuart S.

    Be careful what you wish for.
    Now he has to wipe his ass w a rag on a stick and he'll NEVER be able to masturbate again! I bet he never saw that comin'!

  • guesto strange-o

    every shirt is a tank top

  • TTU

    he must of used a shake weight!

  • steve

    Breast implants….you're doing it wrong!!!

  • Frazer

    Everyday is arms day

  • Iggy Catalpa


    "Oh god, please SOMEONE turn around and LOOK AT MEEEEE!!!!"

  • Caliguy85

    Way to show the world what happens when you shoot strait Into your bicep lol douchebag lvl 100 lol

  • flo

    damn that is one ugly man…talk about

  • Amod Munga

    Dude looks like a T-Rex, only not as cool.

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