Congrats on the biggest biceps in the world, now excuse me while I vomit (12 Photos)


  • Meertnnn

    Can somebody explain to me why the guy is so happy? I must have missed something here….

  • Anras

    huh. He has arms shaped like penises… I think someone is really trying to tell us someting…

  • Vanfox

    Bro, do you even lift?

  • Jerry

    All he's done is inject synthol….it's like blowing up a balloon

  • -k9

    Looks great bro…. I mean your definition is ripped….. It must be all the hard work you put in at…..No.. I’m mean you look like a jack ass that has titties on his sides. And you actually believe that you look good? :/ oh and congratulations for being the biggest douche bag in the world.

  • bricktop

    there is no hope for humanity

  • Tomahawk

    what a fucking dolt

  • Vez

    Synthol is disgusting.

  • TaSto

    So he sleeps upright! Right?

  • Shadow Chiver

    His biceps look strange….there are no obvious muscle tone at all.

  • såndre


  • brian

    he got those by injecting liquid into his arms, and now he's disgusting..

  • Tom

    Yea Umm….. Those are either breast implants or that Steriod you inject directly into the muscle. True story bro…. Especially when you look at that fools totally normal forearms LOL. His forearms would be massive and sculpted NOT normal like a guy doing 12 oz curls in a frat house.

  • Sam

    Totally looks like silicone implants. Nice "boob arms" Definitely NOT real-surgically altered biceps should not be eligible!

  • no_angel

    #2 nice forearms bro.

  • http://Youtube Saran


  • bodybuilding

    Looks like he really worked hard for those

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  • Herby Sagues

    Someone got a breast implant in the wrong place.

  • Hubert

    You are idiots, you don't even know how biceps and well built man looks like. It's 100% synthol, everybody can do this.

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