God I wish I could’ve been there for these beautiful moments (37 Photos)

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  • IndianaChiver

    #31 so a guy "wearing only a grin and a nerf gun on his belt" walks into your room at midnight and you react calmly?

    If a naked man (only a grin and a nerf gun remember) walked into my room at midnight I'd freak the f#%k out thinking "Lord save me from the unwelcome buttsex about to be forced upon me"

    That $#!t's gay man

  • Average_Joe123

    #11 Nicely marbled.
    #12 ROFL
    #37 Epic.

  • Sergio

    #27 I downloaded that shit, zoomed in, and still couldn't read what the fuck that says. Somehow, I feel trolled.

  • npwbuzzy

    Whattup man?! Me? Just chillin'.

  • Chesters Mule

    #31 – So bad it gave me the douche chills. Sack up and have a paint ball war

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