Little girl knows exactly how to raise money for a school fundraiser (19 Photos)

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  • LaLakers2408

    Shut up paula.

    • Paula_
  • Tiber_Septim

    very clever use if the internet

  • bErMeNtAl

    Awesome little girl!

    • _HypoLuxa_

      Awesome Dad is Awesome.

  • Zander

    doubt many people know where the "clever girl" meme comes from….

    • Zander

      and if you just google it and reply then come on, man. stop

    • Andyyyyyyy

      Jurassic park.

      • Dave

        It's also from Contact and Silence of the lambs. Weirdly, both are said to Jodie Foster's characters, but you're right, the meme is referencing Muldoon from Jurrasic Park.

    • @megantalks

      Anyone who doesn't know where it comes from doesn't deserve to live on this earth.

      Just sayin'. Dinosaurs are awesome.

      • SKEEBLER

        Shut up Megan

    • BigManJones

      It probably isn't Jurassic Park. The first movie with the man with the shotgun. Not that.

    • king brian

      Darby O'gill and the Little People…. Sean Connery. Up yours Trebet

    • GoatsMilk

      think you're the only person that's seen jurassic park?

    • Juju Bee

      You think you're so smart that it actually makes you look stupid.

  • Me.

    Lmao how funny would it be if she sold thousands of dollars worth because of the chive.. that's a lot of stickers.

    • Me.

      well… with help from thechive*

  • Herpington

    Best of luck to ya, Derpy.

  • Wait who?

    #11 lmao

  • Little girl knows exactly how to raise money for a school fundraiser (19 Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] Read the article: Little girl knows exactly how to raise money for a school fundraiser (19 Photos) […]

  • Cathryn

    sweet little smart chivette

  • Alex

    #19 Epic.

  • jim

    #16 nailed it

  • Erich

    Parenting: You're doing it RIGHT.

  • Drew

    She does the faces really well!! I have a feeling she'll end up with a lifetime supply of stickers because of this post – haha awesome.

  • JackMo

    Alright, subscription of Travel and Leisure magazine, here I come.

  • Creepy

    I'd feel weird having my daughters full name, pictures and location all over the Internet

    • whole

      eye shooted jizzzzzzzzz….
      my BH hurts ass well ass yours, you'res poopy flavor-flaved POOP in yer undies pantz

  • @CalistaDumont

    #8 and #11

    I never remember getting this excited about selling wrapping paper or cheese baskets when I was in school…

    • KCO617

      She'll be running an sales org in 15 years, no doubt about it.

  • Jason

    Shut up and take my money

  • North

    This one killed me. Hahaha

  • temujin1234
  • Elizabeth Davis

    Watch as she out sells the whole entire school…

  • Random Black Guy


  • James Mullen

    The originality is what got me to crack the wallet open.

  • chicago

    that's cute. i would, but it's the time of year for every school and girl scouts doing fundraisers. I'm broke from family of kids. I need to start my own fundraiser to give away to other fundraisers.

  • Dan

    #15 Jurassic Park

  • onethirdjewman

    made my fuckin morning. so great.

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