Little girl knows exactly how to raise money for a school fundraiser (19 Photos)

Story found HERE

  • Carmel

    She is sugar and spice and everything nice

  • Josh

    Got a 2 year subscription of This Old Home.

  • tmach81


  • HamptonsWorld80

    Seriously!?!?! Can you get any more frikin adorable!!! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCHOOLS, STOP IDIOCRACY!!!!

  • tpec

    Lets hope she isn't going to school in Chicago or else her fund raising may go to just keeping the current teachers employed…

  • I-NeeD-$$

    #16 SOLD!!!!!!

  • jam515

    This is freaking hilarious!

  • Kris

    Anyone else think this wasn't really her and she just posed after her dad did the drawings?

  • Rich

    Absolutely adorable!

  • RobboJohn

    The kid has a good idea. I think her odds of winning those stickers are dramatically improved after many people have read this.

  • navyknockout

    She is a total rockstar!

  • Collin

    Magazine subscriptions are a good deal. Help this girl out!

  • Matt

    So much win.

  • Master_Rahl

    #2 #11 #19 Shut up and take my money! She's so cute it hurts. Bet she got lots of support, how couldn't you fer cryin' out loud?

  • Chiv3On


    Laughed my ass off on this one…


  • ken

    Where does she live, that it's unsafe to walk around the neighborhood with your dad? I'll give lazy dad +1 for this.

  • twoedges


  • Sade

    #11 Aww! One of my faves! She pulled it off! 😀

  • Azia

    SO MANY STICKERS!, awesome parenting skills right there my friend.

  • Geoff

    Very Cool!!!!

  • jen

    This is just… beyond awesome.
    Best of luck Derpy 🙂

  • Pat

    A+ to that little girl!

  • mteague

    Cool idea, but dude, it is safe to go door to door. Statistics say it's never been safer, in fact. How else are you going to meet people in your neighborhood anyway?

  • Fernie Martinez

    Coolest. Sales Pitch. EVER!!!

  • Parent/Chiver

    Anyway *theChive can give us an update once the orders are finalized and tallied?

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