The new batch of mail order brides has stepped up their game (38 Photos)

In case browsing turns to buying, who would you add to cart?

  • Nantz


  • SavannahChiver

    #33 Add to cart

  • MajorTom

    #3 Yes please. I'll take two

  • Canihavesum

    #3 winner for me

  • Bacon Milkshake

    #29 Insta-buy!

  • Jesse

    #38 is both tasteful and slutty.

  • gator

    Dear Chive,

    I think this post is just the opposite of what Chiver’s really appreciates, i.e., Chivette’s who first and foremost have a Chive attitude. These are all very attractive women, but in rather sad and desperate situations. Yes, you may lose those who seem to place fapping above all other activities, but I suspect the Chive isn’t their first choice in web sites.

    • Cecil

      Gator, being all decent and making like a human being will get you flamed on the chive. This has become douchebag frat boy central. Most of these guys really would pay for a sexy girl with no soul and a bitch attitude.

  • WhiskerBox

    #3, would like to chow on her spasm chasm.

  • Krot4u

    #30 That's a Big foot!

  • Marco

    #12 #19 #24 – Yuuuuup!

  • tcaddy

    how meany do i have to order to get a "buy one get one" deal???

  • Blake

    I'll take them all

  • jeff

    #3 #13 #19 SPECTACULAR ❤

  • Derk3103


  • lost in time

    i've worked with russian men. they are for the most part, really, well, they have a different approach to life. their women have got to be just as tweeked.

  • ZinnNasty

    #28 where is she…. I want to add her to my cart right now, NOT EVEN KIDDING!!!

  • Jeremy

    can you try it before you buy it

  • chris043

    If you order one that is not smiling in her picture, chances are the first trip you re taking when she gets here is to the dentist. Dont get me wrong, it would be well worth it. Just food for thought.

  • brad

    #3 & #11 sold!!!!

  • Bobolink

    #6 Where do I sign up?

  • teight

    all of them!

  • Super Pants

    3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 16, 19, 25, 27 30.
    Jeez, that'll be expensive

  • Fed Ex

    Very uncomfortable talking about buying women. Seems wrong. That being said, I want #14 and #17 please.

  • rlevitz

    #2 is stunning!! #19 has rockin eyes! #26 friday, #28 saturday, #29 sunday

  • Jbnet

    Consider #34 ordered!

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