Hot Right Now: Weekend Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

The new batch of mail order brides has stepped up their game (38 Photos)

In case browsing turns to buying, who would you add to cart?

  • Grant

    #2 #6 #13 #17 #28 #34 #35 add to cart. I'll have to cut back on the herb and whiskey a bit but well worth it.

  • data

    # 13

  • GMC

    #7 #19 #25

  • Johnny

    #30 gorgeous.

  • Dave

    #27 is a stock photo. It was also used for an escort ad in vegas (per google)

  • Dudebra

    None. Seriously? Buying women is a ridiculous practice to even joke about.

  • Anthony_Tyler

    Why-?! Why does my cart always have to be full when an impulse buy is in order-?!


  • jimdazley

    How much for #1

    • Cecil

      I have started the bidding at $8 US.

  • sil

    #3 and #24.

  • big b

    all of them

  • fgbfjb

    How much for #36?

  • Random

    #35 Willing to go the extra mile.

  • freddiLee

    I would bet good money that each one of these women is a skilled assassin versed in not givin' it up, and leavin' with all yo' money… I'd still be willing to risk it for #25

    • Cecil

      I wish there were a sideways thumb. I was all for this post, except the last few words.

  • JSt31

    #7 Buy buy buy!

  • steve

    #23 #34

  • thatguy

    chive you gave me too many choices i want them all…for different kitchen tasks

  • wtf

    I'll take the lot.

  • Josh Holloway

    #32 of course

  • Cornrow Wallace

    #6 I'd let her take half my money.

  • ColoChiver

    Only #35 is in the kitchen, assumingly making a sandwich.

  • VaderWRX

    #26 Added two of these to my cart.

  • jon

    #23 and #30 I like boats, boobs, and long hair.

  • Lucky Lucy

    #36 don't photoshop too much or anything 😐

  • TXassman

    #6 looks very very expensive. Is there a lay-a-way plan available?

  • Shat_Thrice


    Not the same person

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