The new batch of mail order brides has stepped up their game (38 Photos)

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In case browsing turns to buying, who would you add to cart?

  • Joe

    WTF? You mean Iv'e been going to the gym, buying nice clothes, driving an expensive car to get the ladies attention and all I have to do is go on the internet and buy one.

  • bdg

    #3 #25 and #36 Put them on my card!!!

  • DavidZH

    #2 Sold!

  • JJD

    I think I have room for #12 and # 27. That should keep me for a while.

  • Garrett

    In my best Zap Brannigan voice "I'll just have everything on the menu".

  • bobben

    #24 and #35…. they should include the girls' names if known ;p

  • dingdong

    #25 for me

  • Nato

    I'm going to need a smile-off between #21, #31 & #34.

  • t_b

    #2, #6, #28 and 36. cart full

  • guest2

    #7 #19 #38 wich one is on sale?

  • G-rock

    I would add #19. If they were sold out I would get #28

  • Over9000

    Definitely adding #27 to the cart.

  • hunnibadger

    #27 is flawless

  • ToRo

    Now seriously…any hot looking chick posting herself amongst a marina in Montenegro or leaning against a bugatti, or in well furnished apartment needs a middle aged guy for marriage. Wake up and smell the coffee and ask yourself the question….if I can't offer better, why would she want to leave that! 'Cause its all bullshit boys, THINK about it!

  • JustTrollin

    #1 Well, she certainly is flexible, isn't she? And after all, isn't that every man's dream???

  • MadRussian

    I would marry the shit out of #35. I'd marry her so hard, she'd have marrying whiplash.

  • Baconbygod

    I always squeeze before I buy any fruit.

  • billyjack13

    #36 BIG BEWBS

  • Bob

    #3 or #20…The rest are hot, obviously, but 3 and 20 don't look like they are trying to be hot.

  • oilfield bill

    Tell me the cost n what ever the price is i don't care i got plenty of it to go around I'll take any of them #1~#38 xoxoxoxo

  • chrisinyc

    Which one would I add to cart you ask? Screw it, I'm moving to Utah and breaking the bank and buying them ALL!

  • Owen

    #1 – is a crab shaped human, that's only going to lead to one thing🙂

    #13 #14 #28 #29 #30

  • RsR

    Let me get this straight… These women want to to marry someone in a foreign country, like the US , so they can start a new life in that new country with a new husband? Assuming they will live up to their duties as a married woman this is a win/win. These women are gorgeous! #1- 38

  • bandeti

    Some them can be considered a real deal as they come with their own wedding rings!

  • erikhart

    #33 add to cart

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