Burn your bra and get a free tootsie pop (54 Photos)

  • Bollyver

    I bet if you made a dozen Chivette tube tops they would sell out.

  • Tbone

    Number 8 for the win Smack me sally and call me richard thats a hot ladie

  • ermahgerd

    when suddenly….


  • Rowdy_n_Playful

    #23…And I like girls with big tits!!! How bout that.

  • wrench

    For the first time in my life I want to be a cab driver!

  • sss

    #36 lookin good! (& familiar) you should kcco & post more

  • Macro

    #32 #43 Doin' it right.

  • ChiSoxfan

    #5 Beautiful!

  • jack

    #22 wins! #47 close second #14 nice boots 😉

  • bucket list

    Midget? i think so. not being offensive, just observant. she's cute

    • tha next zane

      wrong number

  • DENNIS System

    #18 I like the face you're making, kinda mischievous…great body!

    #28 I've never despised business attire more than I do right now.

  • shyouta913

    congrats #9 happy birthday !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Any wyoming chivettes?

  • Wyomingchiver30

    Any wyoming chivettes out there?!

  • Shaun

    #43 love her!

  • Greg

    #46 Sonoma state girl?

  • http://myworldgreen.shikshik.org/2012/09/16/coed-bra/ Coed bra | Myworldgreen

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  • http://Www.imranrida.com Imran

    Y0u are in my heart jan.

  • Beeneverywhere

    I hate to spoil the party, but #48 um … well … has a dick shadow on "her" right thigh … :/ So it's like going into a restaurant and ordering a fried chicken dinner and they trot out a T-Bone Steak. Huh, what's this? Well, he says, your really don't want chicken, I want you to have beef instead. Seriously … 😉

    • Luvhotties

      If you have, "beeneverywhere" you would know curves like that are not male, nor cheap, (judging from that rock on her hand) keep sending photos so we can prove chiver above is wrong though..

  • chrisdc21

    #12 needs to do what #19 did…I'd pay good money

  • http://twitter.com/mikeGsays @mikeGsays

    #38 – yep, sounds like all the USuCk slots I've heard about while going to the REAL state school in Carolina…… CLEMSON! Go Tigers!!!

  • vitobonespur

    #29…I'm here now. Wanna visit until he gets back? –Love, Jody

    #39…You are fucking PERFECT!

  • ffmike1907

    #46 PLEASE tell me that she is my neighbor stephanie.

  • Dal-67

    Find her, PLEASE!! #43

  • phoneboy

    #15 – actually a FF, or just a badge bunny? C'mon, that's who the shirts were *not* for…

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