Redheads put a smile on my face (40 Photos)

  • longshot421

    #17 love the look. Very sexy.

  • J. D. Rage

    #28 cuz she's super cute!

  • Vanris99

    #25 Nice to see someone I know on here.

  • RedLove

    #8, Find, find, find, find, find her NOW!!!!

  • @Violaceousgirl

    #31 ahahahha thanks Bob! ^.^

  • rgfratelli

    I had something snarky to say about #14, because the red head is about to meet a tragic end… but then I saw #18 and my heart melted in to a pool of goo and my sarcasm couldn't compete.

  • MLR

    Precisely what a soul stealing redhead would like me to think, #18

  • Alexa

    Heyyyy #27……thats me 😀 So glad I finally made it! (: I'll be posting the video from the dive as soon as I get it!

  • Kristen Carter

    Yay I finally made it to Chive : )

  • triplecap

    #7 – sometimes a little tooth gap is hot!

  • Cory

    Finally some sexy Seattle women

  • cristobol

    #8 and #12

  • BDG

    #25 Holy Shit MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!!!!!!!!
    #8 and #38 Amazingly beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  • Otto

    Sweet Seatle!

  • Bob

    #14 SAS are the best in the world

  • Steve

    #8 I am in love!

  • danny

    #18 they steal your heart, then eat your soul. true story. thats why i love them

  • MikeyRay89

    Bre'Anna Hamill I know her!!!!!!!!!!
    ❤ absolutely beautiful dear god!

  • mike

    number 32, Seattle Chivette. MOAR!!!!!!!!

  • Rudy

    # 27. That dude is so lucky

  • Chiver

    #12 Gorgeous!!

  • veritasnihil

    #14. The guns are fake, so the lack of weapons safety is negligible. The redhead on the right…hot to death! Second time I've seen her in a redheads post… ❤

  • Der'

    I've been searching for days now! I cannot find any sexy redheads in Italy. 😦 so sad.

  • kolby

    #26 is gorgeous. my first red headed crush

  • Swarley_Hartl

    For the love of all things holy! #29 MOAR!!!!

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