Spaghetti and sausage together in holy deliciousness (15 Photos)

Perfect for your next sausage party!

  • wes

    Bloody genius!

    • fabio

      for what?

  • Tony


    • Paul

      What is "genius" about this? Name ONE thing….

  • Chris

    I thought there was going to be multiple sausages on the spaghetti and that it would be great for holding the sauce in between. This still looks tasty!

  • Euroranger

    I'm just glad this collection of photos didn't swerve into the tree I feared it might when I read "Perfect for your next sausage party!".

  • Chris

    Also, I don't know about you mac, but I don't have to many sausage parties. There has to be a decent gap to sausage ratio

  • Evil Dung Beetle

    Can we get a breakdown of what's in the bowl in #11? Looks like eggs and…

    • Chris

      Looks like cheese!

    • nickns2

      parmesan cheese

    • Child Please

      Littering and?

      • Mother of God

        Littering and?

        • Steve French

          Littering and smoking the reefer

          • Master_Rahl

            CANDY BARS!

            • DMITCH

              The snausberries taste like snausberries

              • Gun_guy

                I'm freaking out man!

                • Scaggnettii

                  youare freaking out….man

                  • serrano11

                    mother of god…

                    • Devin


                    • Ballsy Llama

                      I dont want a large farva

                    • ryan

                      & egg, olive oil, salt, pepper

    • fed

      parmesan cheese. i would recommend a slight sprinkle of black pepper as well

      • fedex


    • BluZack

      It's eggs, parmigiano(italian cheese) and pepper. Those sausages though, are a crime againts humanity.
      In italy we use bacon meat and that's called "carbonara".

      • MylesofStyles

        Q: Why do so many Italian boys try to grow moustaches?

        A: They want to look like their mothers.

      • doctor_toboggan


      • goon

        Those sausages are also clearly hot dogs. But possibly this is the equivalent of "American" Cheese as overprocessed-not-what-it-actually-is-ism. #hatersgunnabringupvalidpoints

      • A. Roughneck

        And it's utterly delicious

    • UCLAbruin

      So we don't cook the eggs then?

      • Pezski

        The egg cooks when you stir it into the hot pasta (more or less, use very fresh eggs).

  • Travis

    Are those capers?? #13

    • sfb101

      Looks like capers to me.

    • SweetSasssyMolassy

      rabbit poop … interesting turn

  • KeepinCalm

    #11 Not sure about the raw eggs

    • sfb101

      If done properly, no problems. Right when you remove the cooked pasta toss in immediately. The heeat from the pasta will coddle the egg mixture. BTW, the egg and cheese mixture should already be mixed together.

  • Trav1121

    What the…! Where is my wife?? She must see this NOW!

    • @RubyRooRemix

      LOL it's not that hard to chop up hot dogs and boil noodles silly! ^_^ This could be something to do for her just for fun! Or a really easy thing to teach the kids

    • munkeboy

      She best be in the kitchen making samich…..wienie noodle things!

  • Notknowing

    Make them meatballs instead of sausages and you've got me hooked.

    • Neal

      it's true, to many times do we have to make the decision to eat the meatball or the spaghetti, why not have both!

  • Seamus

    Boiling a bunch of sausage is the last thing I'd do. I'd cook it all right in a pot of sauce. And raw eggs mixed with hot pasta? You're just asking for salmonella. Cook it in sauce, and put it all on a big crusty roll with some mozzarella and parmesan. You make spaghetti sandwiches when you have spaghetti for dinner, right? Same thing kicked up a notch.

    • Cornrow Wallace

      Adding raw eggs, parm cheese & black pepper makes a carbonara sauce…

      I agree that boiling sausage is the worst thing to do… it'll just dilute the flavor.

      • Seamus

        Didn't know it was carbonara… now I know to stay away from it. I can't stand when people use eggs in their meatballs either, they stay together just fine and have better texture and flavor without it.

      • somebody

        Garlic you've got to add garlic.
        It's cold blood murder if you don't
        and add some nice fresh butter…

    • alexisd

      raw egg wont give u salmonella poisining..its the shell that carries it..

      • KeepinCalm

        good to know, I'll stop eating the shells now o.0

        • Average John


    • Get your facts right

      First of all the egg would cook sufficiently in the just boiled pasta.

      Secondly if the egg is raw there is a 1 in 300000 it would contain Salmonella. Or in other words it's a 99.99999666666% chance that you will never get a Salmonella infection from eating raw eggs. Even then, you are still more likely to just have diarrhoea than you are to die from it. Ultimately, in your whole life have you ever heard of someone dying because they ate a raw egg?

      Statistically speaking you are far more likely to get hit by a car. Knowing that, would that stop you from crossing the street?

  • Hungry Hippo

    How about giving us an actual recipe? Is that Italian sausage, eggs and parm. cheese? You can't just post pics and expect us to guess!

    • @RubyRooRemix

      but that's the beauty of it all! let your imagination go crazy and let your tummy tell you what would be great together!

  • irish

    or you could just mix the sausages and pasta together?

  • Salty Archer

    Mac: Sausage party? I do not think those words mean what you think they mean…

    • Frank

      He meant Sausage Fest, haha!

    • Mac

      It's called a joke.

      • Salty Archer

        Ok. I'm usually a good spotter of jokes, but when it comes to most things Mac… I'm just looking out.

  • kevinw729

    Thanks chive… genius
    Can I suggest a different sause… hold on that came out wrong… oh!

  • @jeremy562

    wait, would pasta still be hard inside where it goes through the sausage?

  • thesauceboss

    "Perfect for your next sausage party!"
    – yes… I will have to do this at my next sausage party, because I didn't do it at all the other ones that I so commonly throw.

  • kevin

    Oh… picture 8 is important, hot water softens strands. Before boiling (with alittle garlic in water).. enjoy

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    Raw Eggs?

  • Jonesin'

    It's carbonara. That's what the raw eggs are about. The heat from the freshly-cooked pasta will cook them, and they'll no longer be raw. Good to go.

  • Noodlelady

    Tried this for my kids a while ago and sadly it was a no go. The noodle stuck in the sausage stayed hard (heehee!) and kids being kids refused to eat hard pasta….

    • @jeremy562

      fucking knew it!

  • techno_viking

    #13 The capers are a mistake.

    • capers are gr8

      so were you

  • Paul

    This is absolutely pointless.

  • Chef Ramsey

    Seems pointless. And if you cook the sausage with the sauce it'll give it a better flavor. Sausage flavored noodles?? No thanks. And how are you supposed to roll it on your fork??

    • Wall-Eye

      You stick the sausage with your fork and twirl. That way you get a perfect sausage to noodle ratio everytime.

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