The new, enhanced KCCO’s and BFM’s have returned!

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enhanced kcco The new, enhanced KCCOs and BFMs have returned!

After a nearly 2 months absence the new, enhanced KCCO’s and BFM’s are back in men’s and women’s sizes! To combat the massive KCCO counterfeit market, we’ve worked very hard making this subtle-but-awesome enhancements to the famous shirts. Now, recognizing an authentic KCCO is much easier.

These new KCCO’s and BFM’s now have a gold foil labels and custom QR codes on the inside of the shirt. This was actually quite costly but we are not raising the price of the shirts at all.

Green KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Bill Fucking Murray available RIGHT HERE.

For the first time ever today, theCHIVE’s custom made Portable Cornhole Games are available with the Keep Calm and Chive On logo. Just in time for tailgating season, get them RIGHT HERE.

We know these shirts are not easy to score, they’ll probably be even harder today, good luck and godspeed.


John n’ Leo

UPDATE: There is a hurricane of Chivers destroying theCHIVERY right now. Be patient and we’ll get bring this thing back online. It also helps, if you reach the purchase page, make sure to click ‘purchase’ only once.

UPDATE #2: We’re finally back. We understand the women’s KCCO page was hit hardest (Chivettes don’t mess around). The women’s KCCO are back online RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE #3: All sizes SOLD OUT.

  • LiberalOpinion

    BFM for Germany! Yay!

  • Carly

    I managed to order one and my mom, my back up plan, ordered 2 (because she fails at clicking purchase once). Success? I think so.🙂
    ps. This Chivette took an extended lunch break to get this shirt!

  • Harley

    I try to get a shirt on multiple occasions with no success, gee I wonder why there are knock off t-shirts. Sadly the knock offs are due to The Chives inability to meet demand. Hope they know they are supporting people making money off their design!
    Yours truly
    A chiver that may go knock off soon cause he just wants a bloody t-shirt

  • gs425

    What kind of amateur hour are you running here with that merchandise page? I get shirts in my cart and by the time I get to check out, the damn shirts are gone. WTF

    • Livin' Legend

      This, I'd have to say, is one of the few legitimate complaints about the shirts thing. Yes, it sucks that they're difficult to get, but the exclusivity is part of it, and some people just can't seem to handle that, in an age where nearly everything they want is instantly available, there exists something they can't just have when they want it.

      But when you see these things in your cart, they ought to damn well STAY there until you buy. Surely there's a system that operates in this manner.

      The first time I tried for a shirt, I had that happen to me, and it feels like someone literally came by and grabbed something out of my cart at the store. Not cool at all!

  • gs425

    F-this…I'll get a forgery.

    • Max

      You, sir, are the exact opposite of what theCHIVE represents. Learn to KCCO and try again next time!

  • Marco

    It's really frustrating when you want to support a site that claims they don't want you to buy the bootleg shirts, but it seems like they run 50 shirts at a time. What gives, guys? Don't you want my money?

  • nwpokerplayer

    Do we know when more sizes will be back in stock?

    • rob

      when the guys at the chive make an announcement fucknuts…obviously.

      • nwpokerplayer

        Wow not nice.

  • MrAbuIV

    I don't know what everyone is complaint about. I have known about the site for 1 week and got one. Its not like a bag of crap. KCCO people

  • Dominic Matteo

    Gotta admit this sale was a complete and utter cluster fuck. Defiantly to work on the chivery's site mostly on the fact that buys an only had to cart if their is still stock if your stock runs out don't like thousands be put into cart until checkout is almost complete. Very bad business ethics.

    • Max

      How exactly is selling out of merchandise in mere hours an "utter cluster fuck"? Last I checked, making a product that sells out that fast = WIN!!

  • Amie Muir Brezden

    Got 2 made the work day not suck so hard

  • @LosTorre

    It's not that hard. I'm 3 for 3 getting these shirts. Keep trying 10 mins before the hour

  • Pete MF

    All day i could not wait, and the one place i was had crappy internet signal. FML. nothing left to do but to KCCO and to show UWF how to KCCO.

  • Justin112179


  • Max

    Hell yeah!!! GOT MY BFM! I got hit by the server crash, but just KCCO, have some patience and keep hitting the refresh button. It gave me the server crash screen every step of the purchase process, but I got through!!

  • grumpy

    Perhaps there wouldn't be a counterfeit market if the Chive didn't DELIBERATELY create shortages by selling insufficient batches just once a month for five minutes…
    …Just' sayin'.

    • KCCOMinnesota

      Perhaps there wouldn't be a draw of attention if everyone had the shirt(s). Obviously you have no sense of Supply and Demand (economics). And all of us Chivers get off lucky, because the KCCO headquarters doesn't sell to the actual market value they sell to the KCCO value. Second market an authentic shirt hits the market at $100+. Eat shit, slow poke/whiner.

  • Shifty

    Oh Yeah, got all my 4, Both for me and my lady! Chive On!

  • sixdeadelves

    you know why i'd go somewhere else to get a tee….you don't have them for fat people.

  • Shawnna Smyth-Muhme

    all the cluster made it all the more fun! i love the sport of shopping ha! dont change the game chive…i love the challenge and makes the chive gear all the more badass! KCCO!!!

  • Ben Fry

    Took 26 minutes of refreshing but it was worth every god damn minute.

  • Ricka

    I've not been a chiver for long but the community that gathers around this site is a great group of people! That being said this is my 2nd time trying to attain the unobtainable. First time I realized I was 3hours late (eastern time). This go around i felt like everyone in the world was in a frantic life or death struggle with their refresh button! But with each successfully load came the great joy of my own personal "order confirmed". To the Chive staff….I think la lot of the flak you guys get are from those who wish to represent what they do not fully understand yet. To own one of these shirts meant that you either lucked out or this was you're 5th time trying, but that's what makes it great. It's KCCO to the max! To those who missed this launch. I wish you luck next time. At least you won't have 1 other person ordering a large shirt!

  • Stefan

    OH MY GOD!
    Chive is keeping the supply extremely limited to keep demand high and still there are masses of people who follow them blindly like sheep. Why do you degrade yourself like that?

    But wait, there's HELP: If you're a girl just send in some slutty pics and you're liable to get your free shirt. But no fat chicks!! If you're a man you at least have to have lost an arm and a leg. And even then you'll only get through if your story is sappy enough. And no facial injuries because that's not sexy.

    Chive used to be really cool but it has reached a point of fame where it's obviously too tempting to manipulate the loyal Chivers. Shucks!

    • Chargers Suck

      ive been bought so many drinks wearing these shirts that i have saved money.

      • Chargers Suck

        also have to say i have given my fair share back. KCCO!

    • rob

      you sound like a bitter little cocksucker. but you know that, right?

  • Miwi

    Oh yeaaah! Just got my KCCO AND BFM shirts!
    I already feel awesome even if I wille take a moment to receive it here in France!
    Love you all!


  • blanket

    all the shirts are sold out… i guess i'll buy a counterfeit

  • Kilroywashere

    And there happened to be a commo blackout here in Afghanistan riiiiiight before the shirts went on sale. Thanks stupid people for making videos just to piss them off over here and getting soldiers killed because you never think about the consequences of what you say. Good going asshole. Sorry, I'll be getting off that soapbox now.

  • Nate


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