The new, enhanced KCCO’s and BFM’s have returned!

enhanced kcco The new, enhanced KCCOs and BFMs have returned!

After a nearly 2 months absence the new, enhanced KCCO’s and BFM’s are back in men’s and women’s sizes! To combat the massive KCCO counterfeit market, we’ve worked very hard making this subtle-but-awesome enhancements to the famous shirts. Now, recognizing an authentic KCCO is much easier.

These new KCCO’s and BFM’s now have a gold foil labels and custom QR codes on the inside of the shirt. This was actually quite costly but we are not raising the price of the shirts at all.

Green KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Bill Fucking Murray available RIGHT HERE.

For the first time ever today, theCHIVE’s custom made Portable Cornhole Games are available with the Keep Calm and Chive On logo. Just in time for tailgating season, get them RIGHT HERE.

We know these shirts are not easy to score, they’ll probably be even harder today, good luck and godspeed.


John n’ Leo

UPDATE: There is a hurricane of Chivers destroying theCHIVERY right now. Be patient and we’ll get bring this thing back online. It also helps, if you reach the purchase page, make sure to click ‘purchase’ only once.

UPDATE #2: We’re finally back. We understand the women’s KCCO page was hit hardest (Chivettes don’t mess around). The women’s KCCO are back online RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE #3: All sizes SOLD OUT.

  • Johnny

    I'm glad people make knockoffs. Get a new supplier if you can't handle the demand.

  • Joshua

    I just can't do this anymore! I've been evangelizing for this site got some new converts and after 6 months of trying I still can't get a shirt. I'm quitting, I'm done, the relationship is over. The disappointment is just too much almost abusive. I have to move on.

    • Livin' Legend

      You did your part in increasing the ranks of Chivers, thereby increasing demand for shirts, and then complain that you didn't get a shirt? k.

  • madfloridian

    You've found the quickest way to piss off a majority of your audience, way to go Chive!

  • @Jewels03800598

    Took me a full half hour, but finally got a BFM.. Now I can stop stealing my boyfriend's. He'll be so glad!

  • nottingham98

    Happy that I got mine finally.

  • nJw

    I got all 3, just wish I would have gotten the black KCCO!

  • unknown

    this just cracks me up I went on this site before they even sold a shirt

    • rob

      it doesnt really take much to crack you up does it?

  • RMCG

    Anyone get an email saying their package shipped or know when they start shipping out stuff????

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