Women everywhere are shedding the pounds in the name of health (46 Photos)

  • MylesofStyles

    I'm all for health and fitness, but I actually prefer soft curves on a woman.

  • james

    #4 #15 #38 #40 incredible ladies!

  • SinisteR

    Very very awesome! Good job ladies! You were always beautful.. Now you're beautiful and skinny!

  • Whalers

    #13 #39 #40

    Yeah, surgery works too.

  • moose

    #5 wow!

  • joel

    The lap band works miracles

  • drewdeze

    #39 and #40 good lord!

  • clntber_fer

    all very impressive…great going ladies!

  • pa'ver

    #6 nice but vegan had nothing to do with it

    • Macro

      Truth! I think it was the twinkies more than the meat. Looks great now though!

    • Jim

      Exactly what I was thinking. Eating healthy and exercise makes you lose weight. Being vegan probably just made the decision to not eat processed shit a lot easier.

    • Danny

      If that's the change she made that helped her lose weight, then it had everything to do with it….

  • Boobman

    I'm guessing there are alot of guys wishing they had been a little nicer to the "chubby chick" Great job girls don't let it go to your heads.

  • KCO617

    #32 and #40 are stunning!

  • reptar

    #40 holy shit. Time to make an investment.

  • guest

    serious question ladies, where did the excess skin go? my wife just decided to start trying to lose weight and that's her biggest concern. but some of you ladies look like you have NO stretchmarks at all! how is this possible?

    • guest

      YOUTH. It equals elasticity.

    • lovethechunk

      SURGERY it equals results. lol

    • Woodentree

      Mostly youth but loosing it slowly is also a main factor. Just don't go on a weird diet, eat healthy and exercise. Took me a year to loose 40 pounds but there are no ugly stretch marks and I feel better than ever.

  • vegasnites

    Congrats to all you ladies and as has been pointed out… excellent job #40

  • VA Chivette

    Amazing! You are all an inspiration.

  • Sade

    #12 #15 317 WOW! Great job ladies!

  • yafl


  • stumped

    #2 hot before and after!
    #40 — should have not gone with the boob job.

    • Jimbo

      Fake boobs are great.

    • vmax

      I totally agree about #2. Hot before and after!

    • Nanan

      If it makes her happy? I went from c-cup to a-cup. It is damn disappointing. And she looks like she was a b-cup before so… 😉

  • Jdub ottawa

    Awesome job ladies!!!!

  • Macro

    #40 I see the fat turned into plastic and went directly to a great place.

    Too many amazing transformations but #5 #10 #32 #43 ….

  • Harry Balasagna

    #6 To think it only took six years…I've never really seen a healthy looking vegan.

    • Will

      That's probably because if you eat like a vegan you are never going to get all the nutrients you need out of food.

      • Danny


  • Livin' Legend

    #6 From not all that large to malnourished. Good ol' vegan diet.

    • LOL

      I'm sure it's not hard to lose weight when your diet consists of pretty much starving yourself.

  • someworkharder

    #40 is not the same person- can you spot all the issues- besides boob job and mole by the belly button??? Still great job to all the REAL girls!!!

    • TheT

      It is the same person smart ass, its also her in pic 32. She replied to a comment on the first page, she also has more pics of herself on facebook.

  • Skinny-Fat

    #6 burn it with fire!! (congrats at the weightloss…vegans just terrify me)

  • adub

    Awesome job ladies!

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