Women everywhere are shedding the pounds in the name of health (46 Photos)

  • ImpressMe

    Keep these pics in mind when you start to make some smartass comment about a big girl in a resturant ordering a salad and diet drink….. obviously some of them are trying damn hard to lose weight and be healthy…and its just as easy to be supportive as it is to be a jackass about it. #37, #43, #44

    Great job ladies, you all look amazing!

  • Jennsound

    Congrats girls you look amazing!! 🙂

  • The Dude

    All look great. #6 needs a steak. You went from unhealthy fat to unhealthy skinny. Steak it up.

  • meturkeysta

    I kinda like it when they're fat. Im a closet chubby chaser.

  • Retired Navy

    Congrats to them!!
    I guess going out for beer and pizza is out of the question.

  • Matt

    #35 so inspirational

  • https://www.facebook.com/kristin.wick.21 Kristin Wick

    #32 & #40 are the same girl!

  • Jruss

    #40 holy effing shit!!!!!!

  • weddingcrashed

    #13- best improvement was shaving her belly button

  • B-to-the-H

    Just goes to show that motivation can do wonders.

  • http://www.freethemonkey.com.au Grant

    No homo, but it would be cool to see some male changes for some motivation, just saying…. 🙂

  • Anshin

    Well, Good F$%^ing job, all of you!
    Here I am bitching that I don't have pretty hips anymore & gained maybe 5-8lbs.
    Well, ladies, if you can go from where you were to having amazing bodies that you now have,
    then I suppose I could get off my lazy ass at 103lbs & 5'1" & get my pretty hips & stomach back.
    It doesn't seem so hard to do after seeing the results you girls got after all the hard work you did.
    #39, #40 Awesome turn around.


  • John

    the awkward moment when you recognize some from your past… in the before picture…

  • Supajupa

    Thank you for this thread, Chive. I'm currently a girl also taking drastic measures to lose weight and things like this are good for my soul.

  • No_way_I_say_my_name

    Reminding 28+ year old men everywhere that somewhere under there wives growing flab is a hot chick…
    Now how do I motivate her?….er' dont tell my wife I said that.

  • Nate Woodard

    #13 and #40 Wow. Fucking amazing.

  • Pee pee mcgee

    #40 i fapped to this…

  • Bryan

    Hell yeah! That's awesome.

  • Maxwell

    Only country in the world where we congratulate someone that was fat and lazy and then lost weight.

  • AskJeeves

    #40's tits got larger i smell some trickery but all in all great job girls. I hope y'all are living healthier and happier lives!

  • jameson

    #22 pretty cute!

  • dfunct

    Life changing for these girls….. People will actually turn their heads at them now when walking past. Its a shame but thats how people are…. You get judged at a glance. They look great and obviously a lot healthier than before. I lost over 7 stone and found people behave differently towards you when your slim. This was 4 years ago and I'm still slim… I won't ever go back to being big.

    Well done to all these hotties 😉

    • Der'

      Not sure what losing rocks has to do with this.

  • Der'

    #40 I would so wine and dine the shit out of you. Amirite?

  • Whipping Post

    Great freakin job ladies………..Really outstanding !!!!!!!!!

  • KCCO :)

    You ladies are all amazing and an inspiration to people everywhere trying to lose weight! Keep up the great work!

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