Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (42 Photos)

  • tronactivation

    #26 how about we don't get mad at the guy doing his job and get mad at the politicians who make the rules he has to enforce?! You're right up there with our soldiers, thank you for your service!

    • billy

      His job hurts society. So does out military murdering 16 year old boys. You serve liars. Nothing honorable here.

      • That guy

        You obviously have no clue about honor, the military or what really hurts society.

      • http://www.facebook.com/bryan.dewar1 Bryan Dewar

        Billy, what do you do that's so "honorable." Peace officers and soldiers risk their lives daily so an ignorant ass like you can espouse your stupidity and hatred.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bryan.dewar1 Bryan Dewar

      Thank you for your well educated comment. As Americans we need to learn the cops don't make the rules, they enforce them. Stop hating the man. If you don't like the laws, do what you can to change them.

  • Evan

    That's why it was late…

  • da goober

    KCCO Little Chiver! Get well soon. GOD Bless!

  • anonymous8283

    #26 wow a lot of negative comments form ignorant people! You do all realize that these outdoor grows have a devastating impact on the environment. If that's not bad enough, the stuff coming across the border is even worse. Tens of thousands of people are being killed and victimized by the cartels to get you your recreational drug of choice. Add in the criminal element that's involved in the street level drug use and any decent human being can see there's huge problem. One would hope that our fellow Chivers aren't that naive and out of touch with reality but it seems that a few are. Getting high in your mom's basement is far more important than making a difference in the world we live in.

    Well done #26 KCCO

    • billy

      How dense are you? Everything you listed is a symptom of criminalization of a substance safer than caffeine, that started because of racism and fear of industrial hemp. Get a clue.

    • billy

      Gary Webb was a police officer I could stand with.

      • ohhhhbilly

        Thanks for enlightening us with your opinion Billy! i had no idea marijuana was so safe! If that's the case, you would have no issue boarding an air plane with a stoned pilot or having you your doctor light up before he performs surgery on you. Better yet, you should have no issue putting your kids on the school bus with driver who is high. No rational person would do this and I hope for your sake that a little bit of common sense would kick in.

        You can make whatever arguments you want about the symptoms of criminalization and the fear of the industrial hemp but the reality is that it's still a schedule I drug and it's still illegal. The cultivation of it destroys the environment and the drug trade cost people their lives. If you are fully aware of this and have no moral objection, you're a piss poor human being.

  • SARmedic

    #10 if you are listening, what kind (or why) did you have back surgery? I've been at pain control clinics for a long time now and get ct's done every six months, but that also has to do with a "pea" sized mass they found in my lung. :-/ Anyways, My spine is a mess and I was wondering how it's going and what was done.


  • assman

    #26 your life is meaningless, your job does nothing for humanity and that lot you cut down will be replaced by double in short time. You have wasted your life on a job that goes NOWHERE! Enjoy the war on drugs that you are LOSING in the most pathetically wasteful misappropriation of funds that I have ever heard of.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bryan.dewar1 Bryan Dewar

      Been busted a few times, eh?

  • North


    Huh. I won'er how many of you giving this guy shit have ever seen the damage grow ops cause? Everyone here is an adult, and their personal choices are theirs to make. But I'm proudly a police officer, and I have cut down grows of this size and larger. The damage they cause is alarming. Outdoor areas burnt to the ground. Chemicals and fertilizers let out in local water ways. Not to mention the indoor grows where half they time there seems to children present and suffering so one or both of their parents can operate the grow. Plus the destruction of buildings, many need to be torn down. And on top of all of this, every ounce of illegal drugs (whether you think it should be illegal or not), can be traced at some point to organized crime. When you deal with that, you deal with death. Seems pretty hard for some dope, but unfortunately its true. However the same misinformed people on here will probably slam me like they did to this guy.

    KCCO Brother. Play safe out there.

    • thinblueline

      Not me, brother. Stay safe.

    • That guy

      Amen. You can't fixt stupid.

    • billy

      The "damage grows cause" is solely the fault of prohibitionists. It is your job to protect us and you can comprehend this simple fact? Misinformed? I bet you think marijuana is harmful…

  • namtrok

    #26 i hate you

  • john lee

    #21, um that is a midnight snack.

  • Crazy_Jake

    #37 Have they not heard of something alittle safer…. ROUNDUP WEED KILLER

  • Geo Rod

    #6 that is all.

  • Max

    I would like, very much, to have a KCCO glass like this one. I suggest you guys have these in TheChivery..

  • qj g

    bahaha.badketball tickets if you trade your glock?think they are targeting the bruthas?lol

  • absure2

    #25 luv ya pinky

  • Ian

    #32 is Zef from Die Antwoord.

  • crapflinger

    #32 NINJA!!!…..same scenario broke my glasses and a watch….though, at the time he was wearing a bear suit. he's fucking heavy

  • CanadianPiper

    #8 Amazing pic #29 Do it…Com'on….Com'on

  • Rutz

    Your dad is Chuck Norris?

  • Michael

    #26 is exactly the reason there are no KCCO Police shirts. 🙂 j/k

  • Bob

    #22…Remember when they did this on the TV show?!?! That was funny. I repeat…When they did it on the TV show…THAT was funny.

  • scott

    Please revoke his Chive shirt immediately.

  • http://thechive.com/ no_angel

    #12 a me sandwich with these two

  • http://thechive.com/ no_angel

    #42 nice view

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  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    #21 I just got hungry myself

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