• Stick

    She should ride drops

  • The Metal

    If only they rode on a bumpier road.

  • Djlong

    ahhhh….key west….such lovely "sites" to "see"….

  • Matt

    More speed bumps, please.

  • Pete

    She was riding eastbound on Eaton Street in Key West, Florida.

  • EN2USN

    Seen better

  • Pete

    CORRECTION – It was southbound on Duvall Street in Key West. Go to Google maps and search for the places she passes: Chico's, Radio Shack, La Concha Hotel…

  • NoZ

    I admit I would have likely crashed my car if I saw that.

  • David

    This should be made into a feature film.

  • Mario

    Here's the link to her tumblr, NSFW images… and for the record, I saw her boobs, just delightful.

  • bobby

    Can we get her a Pogo Stick???

  • Jerald

    Help! My penis is stuck in the upright position!

  • Shinanigins

    There is a lot of potential for GIFs in that video

  • yoddle101

    i fapped… hard

  • stifler

    I don't always watch Chive videos on full screen,
    but when I do… boobs.

  • Lance Armstrong

    What bike??

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  • Johnny

    I masturbated the whole time!!!

  • scott

    i have a massive erection right now

  • SkawtyD

    "Come on train tracks!"

  • july

    Theres vids of her online dancing naked and playing……. she lost weight though but kept all the curves.

  • oughtnot

    I stopped watching after about 45 seconds …. total waste of time.

  • thekujo

    NOPE!!! thats nice, but, the vid of Sara Jean Undrwood naked on a bike is the best bike video

  • Canucks_Rule

    it's like look at a lava lamp. just mesmerizing.

    chiver or chivette from bc?? join the twitter group that's for you!! –>

  • Brian
    • TheBeave

      her + google – (safe search) = fun

      and by fun I mean erections

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