Oh, man!!! I especially like the part where– BOOBS!

  • Chorel

    That's stupid and her laugh is horrible.

  • Versari

    Nice, but the best i've seen of a bike riding video is "Wendy Fiore's" bike video. THAT one is hot.

  • Anonymous

    wowee amazing that was fantastic

  • BaaBaGaNoosh

    wow, the new Three's Company intro is much longer and much better. Those two girls are gonna be a hand full!

  • Cam

    Thank you.

  • JBorri

    Only from seeing a sign in one of the buildings that said "Hotel La Concha" I can honestly say that there is a High possibility of it being my home island of Puerto Rico

  • asdfasd

    If anyone's interested, she's an MFC girl, kateelife

  • Titfish

    Titfish likes tits!

  • poppaben


  • roly

    no one would have questioned nokia if they filmed this girl

  • David

    I would take her to a fancy dinner , and date her so hard….. if you know what i mean…

  • Kyle

    Someone told me there was a bicycle in this video, I didn't notice

  • david

    find her on myfreecams she will be on all day today under the username "KATEELIFE" !!! Omg shes so sexy shes almost always naked in public shows

  • loe
    That is her amazon wishlist.. someone buy her a damn pogostick!!!!

  • JamesMoravia

    She should be in the international bikini bike-athon.

  • Morgan

    Poped a boner @0:01 and ended 4:14 😉

  • BloodyTrae

    wow i watched every second

  • christiantf9

    I feel like I should have clicked a box that said "I agree to be over 18" ahah

  • BBB

    I didn't read all the posts to see if this was previously found, but here's her tumblr…

  • Berg
  • Berg
  • Marc
  • mike


  • Dan

    Key West, FL! I stayed at the La Concha Hotel that she went by around 1:00

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