Impromptu meetup tonight in Las Vegas… because we’re idiots

vegas add Impromptu meetup tonight in Las Vegas... because were idiots

Every few months, and for no good reason, theCHIVERS get in in our head that we should pack up our valuables and go to Sin City. That’s basically what happened last night. So here we are.

We’ve had a tradition now for 7 years. Every time we go to Vegas, we stop in at Nine Fine Irishmen at New York, NY to listen to SinERiRa, our favorite Irish band.

We’ll be there tonight, drunk at 8pm (until about 10pm). Nothing official but if you’re there, we’ll buy you a pint and raise a glass. So if you’re in Vegas right now and you’re reading this, you know where to find us.

As always, we stick to the code, just grab me and I’ll buy you a beer. Thanks to all the Chivers we’ve run into so far, we’ve had a blast, lots of crazy Washington State fans here. See y’all later today. I’m drunk, I’m not spell checking this.



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  • DonJose07

    GO COUGS!!!

  • Danial F.

    Damn I don't get off work until 11! Update on where you're night takes you… thats if anyone is still conscious

  • Robert

    Enjoy guys. Coug fan's will get it done with you. Go Cougs!

    • pktwsu99


  • Ciera

    Chiiiiiiiiiive. My girlfriend and I will be in Vegas TOMORROW. you guys are only in for one night? 😦

  • tuk316

    damn i just flew out

  • patrick907

    second from the right i partied with you in texas ! hope all is well

  • Brandon

    Buy a few sexy WAZZU chivers some shots for me! Go COUGS!

  • Angela

    I was on the DAR today (girl with back surgery), and have been on sexy chivettes like 5 times now, you're finally in my motherland!! stop by BOND bar at the cosmopolitan tonight, i'll buy you all a beer and can we please take a picture together??! 🙂 Hope to see you!

    • JRod

      I'll stop by

  • BossHog

    impromptu meet up because you're idiots…. HA more like because you just made hella cash

  • pktwsu99



  • JRod

    Damn only till ten, I am in PHX, and get off at five, going to Vegas in the morning but just called my chick and we are down to leave tonight. Dont think we will make it there by ten, maybe 11. Shitty Chive ON

  • Steph

    Ok wait. You're in New York or Vegas? I'd drive to NYC (2.5) hours to raise a glass with you, but am not sure where you are. Next time!

  • @brooklynleexxx

    See you at the Sphearmint Rhino. I'll be the one in the chive shirt & thong 😉

  • Kbizzle

    GAWD!!! I was just home in Vegas Labor day weekend!!!!

  • Gini Hallmark

    man i am so bummed i flew out of vegas this morning i so wanna be there tonight

  • partysauce

    wait… you guys stop off in NY on the way from Venice Beach, CA to Las Vegas, Nevada? That's like stopping at mars on your way to visit the moon

  • Brian

    Damn…1 week off from when my wife and I are going for our 5th anniversary!!!! I'd trade you a beer for a KCCO t shirt!

  • Christopher

    Be there fo sho

  • Rabbit

    Wish i could be there, will put on the chive shirt and drink here in the chi for you guys and gals

  • Average_Joe123

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…OR ENDS UP AS HQ PICS ON THE CHIVE!

  • Shawn

    Damn it I flew out of vegas this morning.

  • Jay

    one week too late

  • Eli Hansen

    Great meeting you tonight and thanks for the beers.
    I did some great photobombs while you were taking pics with other people tonight!

  • Anonymous

    when’s tampa on the list goddamit

  • GreaSyde

    Meet-up was amazeballls! I'm drunk. Thanks John, hope everyone liked the lightsaber.

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