Joanna Krupa, please wash my car immediately (25 Photos)

  • TheBAMFinater

    How did the camera man take all these photos with one hand?

    • Verbal_Kint

      the same way I scrolled this post…

    • JAFitC

      "His" name was Shirley.

    • H2COOL

      He probably used his 6 toes. Pic

  • Not first


    • Ih8U

      Your my fucken hero!

    • That

      #7 100% nipple and no one noticed it… smh

      • That

        Ok might not be but it sure as hell looks like one

  • George


  • Bubba

    #9 TAKE IT ALL OFF!!

    • MOAR

      Former Juggy Dancer on the Man Show. Get her back on a trampoline!

    • Gone2heaven

      This is the perfect life!!!

  • Macky

    Nice yum yums

  • Neil Everett

    She's a beauty that #9

    • 3MC

      Neil is the WORST. Come up with some new shit already, for fuck sake.

  • habsfanx

    Happy friday chivers !!!!….. She can wash me anytime !!!!!

    • John

      I too wouldn't mind her washing and waxing me

  • 1911


  • Los

    She's sexy!

  • Kimmy.


  • 65massey

    My car wouldnt start… I had to take a Taxi.

  • slany

    Gee I hope there aren't any paparazzi around!

  • db83

    I didn't even realize she was washing a Ferrari until the 2nd to last picture.

    • Woop

      There's a car?

    • Paul from the gump

      Also known as a Michael Bay audition.

  • Tivo

    You are about 3-5 years late on featuring her. FHM did an amazing job with her about 5 years ago! Look it up.

    • Dapper_Dave

      I know right. She's a total hag now. Please take this gross post down immediately.


    • Jawbone

      Kid, this is a repost site with little original content. It's all been on Reddit, CRACKED, Gorillamask, EVERYWHERE else first.

  • tv_paul

    #16 Oh Mrs. Krupa, you're a little monkey woman. Yeah, you're lean, mean, and I bet you're not too far in between are ya.

    • theKid

      Carl Spackler in the house!

    • Med

      pretty sure she's Ms. Krupa

  • echogeo

    She's not the only one rubbing one out.

    • NebChiver

      lol good one 😉

    • nyclipper72

      Relax over there Michael Bay

  • DrMa7moud

    #17. After she took her shorts off i thought here she will continue … Too bad

  • whyme1973

    #16 #18 #21 I couldn't stand to see her wash that car for more than 6 or 7 hours.

  • Kodos

    #16 #19

    I remember when she got her start on The Man Show, when Comedy Central was worth a shit…

  • brian

    Joana Krupa – making plastic surgeons millions off all the woman that walk into their offices with her picture and say "I want tits like this."



  • Jeff

    #17 & #18 a gap I'd love to mind.

  • @LosSaysSwag

    #8 something about this particular photo is just ridiculously sexy.

    • Gaydar

      I think you are getting an erection from the dude's hand holding the towel.

      • Woop

        I think you're gay for noticing the hand and the towel.

      • @LosSaysSwag

        Annnnnnnnnnnnd Woop just put you in your place, cuz I sure as hell didn't even notice the car til I was looking for the hand.

    • asdf

      Yeah, smoking hot chick wearing next to nothing…

    • The_Dood

      Must be the lighting…

      • @LosSaysSwag

        Maybe the slight bend of the knee.

  • tcaddy

    this makes sitting in front of a computer at work, ALL WORTH IT!!!!!

  • Iso

    Want! and the car isn't bad either.

    • Truth

      noooooot funny

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