Man pays off police ticket in style (9 Photos & Video)


  • Dooz

    that fat fuck is such a loser. When was the last time you did a sit up.

  • John

    This is not creative, nor funny. You want to read a story about a cop and how he sacrificed his life to serve and protect? Google the name Officer Patrick O'Rourke. Its great how we can all laugh and make fun at police that put their life on the line everyday and sometimes they don't come home to their families. Chive, this is 2 days in a row that you have posted something that it neither funny or amusing. This a-hole that made all these money pigs was wrong in the first place for doing something illegal that got him the ticket to begin with.

    • chiver

      If you don’t find it funny the shut up and go look at something else… This is hilarious!!!!

  • pIMP

    the cop was nice about it. cant hate on that

  • rdub

    What a douche! Just pay your fine or go to court and fight it like everyone else. Don't be a dick.

  • Master_Rahl

    #7 Mmmmm yeah, I'm gonna have to go ahead and ask you to unfold those.

  • p

    Goodjob bud.. Dirty pigs

  • This Fkn Guy

    Ernesto was a pretty large douche

  • Flee

    he should have paid in pennies

  • Nick

    You really are the man. But you were right. It is legal tender and they have to accept it, even in the origami state of the bill!!!

  • Mr.Eff

    Let me see if I'm following this story correctly. This guy gets a ticket for doing something wrong, gets all butthurt about it and decides to take it to The Man by wasting half his day doing origami and making The Man laugh about it? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for bacon. I can just hear Officer Montoya in the back of my head now: "I don't think this means what you think this means."

  • Offspring22

    I love it when people blame cops for giving them a ticket. Could you imagine what the roads would be like if no one enforced the laws? I know how I'd drive/park if I didn't have to worry about a ticket at least…. Take responsibility for your actions – don't blame the cop.

  • Stick

    Wah, I got in trouble, cops are pigs!

  • Phil

    What a jackass, and asked why he did it, he couldn't give an honest answer.

  • @RDRKeeper

    Saying "I am not gonna sit here and unfold all that" didn't at all help the cashier's image XD

  • bkfrijoles

    #5 kinda looks like a baby rhino

  • natedogg

    this guys a dick

  • zoigersh

    You spent 6 hours to fold that up and then unfolded it, you are a pussy. Stick to your guns – you have no balls.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #9 – this guy's awesome. lol.

    chiver or chivette from bc?? join the twitter group that's for you!! –>

  • JfFff

    Amusing idea but misdirected. The cashier isn't the one who have him the ticket, nor is he a cop. He's just trying to do his job. Why should you make his job harder because you want to make a point against cops?

  • Nigel

    Seriously. This fuckin' mouth breather needs to grow up. You broke the law. Pay the ticket like an adult. I guarantee when shit hits the fan, the first number he calls is 911.

  • UsMc

    can you say fat asses, they are a figurative black eye to the PD

  • ryan

    the guy in the blue shirt could have sent the pic of the crumbled up money in under the i hate my job

  • http://esxy kl krishna

    I like,

  • RYAN


  • Dave the Rave

    This is where he made a mistake. I only had a £60 pound fine but i still kept them busy. He took time doing this and then having to unfold them. i spent 10 minutes in the bank changing £60 quid into 1p and 2p bags. They couldnt refuse it BY LAW as it is all legal tender. I had already bought a car magazine an i sat down to read it while they counted it all out. took them a little longer than i thought as their scales werent working. i made do with a diy magazine that they had in the waiting room once i finished the car one. they werent really impressed. maybe if they did their jobs people wouldnt be out to look for ways to screw them over themselves. lol

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