That escalated quickly (44 Photos)

  • NotMe

    #2 Ok our Russian friends. What is a Vodokanap?

    • Uncle_Ivan

      Привет / Privet (pr. pree-vyet) / Hello!
      Водоканал / Vodokanal is the water utility company.
      So, another example of Russian irony (and some would say, incompetence…).
      Пока / Poka (pr. pah-kah) / Later!

  • svp

    #24 how do you get this to happen??? Is it ps version?

  • rogelio

    #3 Someone must have told him his shoes weren't cool enough.

  • Lyle

    #23 Hahaha….Damn you Chive.. Got excited there for a second.

  • allieofcourse

    $1,200 is way too much for a Ford Truck! That doesn't even cover the first Tow/Mechanic Bill

  • Krs10

    #18 was such a creepy episode!

  • guester


    The family that plays together stays together?

  • dooler

    OK WTF IS #10?

    • dooler

      Seriously. What is that. My skin is crawling. yes, replying to myself.

  • lilslugger

    He must have played WoW

  • David

    Bob, shouldn't these also be in the WTF category?

  • Viking

    #13…Oh s%$t! You fart you're dead!

  • Average_Joe123

    #1 #10 #18 #28 WTF

  • Versari

    #18 stop it, stop it, stop it! Fuk, i hate dolls! ever since Chucky!

  • Dr. Evil

    And the award for for kid who's going to need years of therapy goes to …

  • tarancara

    #38———- I will think of this photo EVERY time I leave my soda in the cup holder… Actually…I don't think I will ever drink again.

  • Joey

    #40 That dude had to have been a hardcore gamer driving.

  • sone

    #1 LOL That's Journey To The West! Never thought i would see that on the Chive! But Still AWESOME!

  • Alex

    #35 maybe he deserved it, but if not, she's a damn bitch!

  • JamesMoravia

    After looking through the pics, I need a #7.

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