There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (78 Photos)

Thanks again to all our Chivettes for breaking the internet this week. If you don't see yourself today, check back next week!

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes, submit here.

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  • nckrey

    #39 Normally I try to be a respectful and tactful but in this case I think the only way to property articulate the initial reaction to this beautiful woman is DAMN MOTHA FUCKA LOOK AT DEM FAWKING TITTIES!!!

  • Jemike5

    #53 I'm memorized. Here kitty kitty kitty
    #50 More Please!
    #40 I liked you last week. I like you even more this week.
    #38 Dimples alert. Nice Smile
    #5 No words can describe her beauty.

  • BUrnt

    #31 #37

  • Jemike5

    #31 #32 Can't decide whose booty is nicer. So I'll graciously take both
    #22 Nice shoulders. Fitness for the win

  • Cliff

    Some gorgeous Chivettes this week.

  • Mighty

    #60 … Looking very saductive I like it

  • find her


  • bigfoot

    Definitely would like to see more.
    These posts are always nicer when the attractive girls are wearing clothes


    If milkshakes bring boys to the yard, how the heck do I get chivettes to my yard?

  • Michael

    #71 God you have a beautiful smile

  • Sam Fl chivette

    So excited to make the cut 🙂 thanks for the love and KCCO!

  • georgieporgie

    #78: "What do mean you don't have experience and still applied for the job?" Oh I see your wearing business attire….YOU'RE HIRED.

  • JAE

    #10 CHIVE please find this girl so beautiful!!!

  • Nope

    I'm seriously obsessed with #1 since is her second submission

  • MLR

    Oh, Canada.

  • MLR

    And my kingdom for #60

  • Houdini112

    Please more of #14 and #86

  • victor

    #60 wow where does she com from? Amazing

  • john

    love the asses on 55 and 60

  • Jess Kingery

    Thanks for all the love!

    – #85

  • timmah

    #85 you are simply amazing I love you eyes and the contrast between them and your dark hair. You are beautiful we need more post from you!

    • Jess

      Thanks timmah,
      I submitted a few others. Enjoy 🙂

  • ZomB-Los

    #57 #74
    That awkward moment when you realize that these pictures were taken at what is now my old house. KCCO!

  • Josh

    #82 moar nerdy glasses!

  • Andreas Gnewuch

    #60 faaaaake so damn hot game chivettes can not exist, thats against the law ! Damn

  • alaskan

    Really beautiful this week ladies! Hard to pick my favorites for sure 🙂

    Gotta give it to #10, #60 and #70

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