There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (78 Photos)

Thanks again to all our Chivettes for breaking the internet this week. If you don't see yourself today, check back next week!

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes, submit here.

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  • Kaitlyn Reese

    I feel as if the chive copy and pastes some photos from other categories, because I keep seeing some of the same photos even after I send in countless photos of my smile, ass, etc. this Chivette is starting to become disappointed.

  • Anon


  • Rainmaker2112

    #39 Gives me a rumbly below my tumbly ! Well done and boob on!

  • snoop59
  • Garrett

    Well…it happened again. I tried to keep track of #s to give special mentions, but things got unruly in short order, because all you chivettes are so beautiful, sexy, and cute that my poor male brains could keep track of things…

    So let's see what I did remember:

    #1/10- I got lost in your eyes for what was easily five minutes each when I saw your pictures. Holy hell fire your blue eyes are radiant!!

    #11- Your backside is undeniably amazing and your cinnamon skin…wow, just wow!

    #16- God your pretty and your hair covering your face with your shining blue eyes beaming through makes you very mysterious and sexy.

    #47- Your a work of art! I NEED to see the beautiful face that goes with that insane body. Pretty please?

    #64- Your smile is intoxicating. Everything else fades away when I look at it. Few people can make that happen : ).

    #65- You make bath time fun! You look like you could use some company.

    #70- You're so cute and you look like you're a ton of fun!

    Hey I did remember some stuff. If I didn't mention you (your #) the sole reason is because of my shoddy memory. Your amazing!

  • Garrett

    Damn…I should have proofread my post…why no edit function?

    Also, I shouldn't still be up at 6:01 A.M. typing shit, haha.

  • BDG

    #39 and #55 MOAR!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!

  • Talltower13

    Just want to give props to my sister military members #28, #52, #67, and #78. Sometimes Chive is all we have to save us from boredom or insanity!. Keep the pimp hand strong ladies.

  • MayThe4thBeWithYou

    This is just hot OVERLOAD! Thank you Chive and thank you Chivettes.

  • KayMan

    G-string wedgie approved #55

  • MikeG

    Where can I find #60?

    • Michael Gannaway

      Whats your gamer tag?

  • Goldenboy33

    Please find #53 and #86….

  • BRAD

    #37 & #39 yes!

  • Kato

    #12 Holy Shit! I went to Spanish class with her back in highschool.

  • Ryan

    #71 attempted to comment in her own picture posing as a guy that she wanted to marry herself..that's not a true chivette. She tried in turn to delete that but was unsuccessful ..I find it pretty messed up that chivettes pose as guys and make remarks such as "I want to marry this girl ,is that so wrong?" Like Megan did

  • Huo

    Fake boobs and pushup bras. Definitely didn't see that in the black is beautiful post. Just saying

  • mateo

    Having seen about 60 percent of these in previous sexy posts I believe we need to cut the crap and acknowledge that the number of submissions is actually quite low. I would challenge John to make a post of all new photos without any repeats. Of course it's his site and can do as he wishes. Finally, to comment at all on this detritus just shows how empty my life is.

  • smithnwes72

    I bet #82 #38 knows how to take a Dick, she looks like a giant cum guzzler… So hot, explode all over those glasses.

  • V4Vendetta14

    #10 #41 #85 I'm a sucker for piercing blue eyes!!!!!!!!! Oh and boobs are cool too…

    • Jess

      Thank you, but mine are actually green. 😉

      – #85

  • adan

    MOAR #14,#39,#60,#65

  • Joep Vd Made

    #39 chivette of the week ?
    No words for that pic…

  • G_Buddha

    #42 would love to see moar!!!

  • jimmy

    #53 hands out the BEST , what a smoke show … MOARR

  • Gio

    #70 is smokin hot

  • DJ Long

    #57 and #74 def make me miss okinawa…

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