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There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (78 Photos)

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Thanks again to all our Chivettes for breaking the internet this week. If you don't see yourself today, check back next week!

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes, submit here.

  • inked1992

    #39 and #58 for the win!!

  • Mike

    #68, I'm in Tampa

  • mike c

    #15 nice to tracks pub in Olds, Alberta in the background, lets hope they were on there way there

  • Josh

    #3 and #59 are super sexy MOAR please

  • longshot421

    #75 #85 Gorgeous eyes. Yes, I actually noticed your eyes.😉

  • da goober

    #39 send MOAR
    #35 u are doing it right

  • Rick

    #11 and #55. Tan lines make butts perfect!

  • Rick

    #35, #36, #46, #69, #70 and #85. Just a few examples of how brunettes RULE THE WORLD.

  • Rick

    #85… in a class all her own.

  • Rick

    #87… gorgeous with her hair down, gorgeous with her hair pulled back; the rarest of beauties. Hey Chive, MOAR, please.

  • James

    25 is amazing, love the lips.

  • Justin

    Where are these women and why aren't they in my life?!

  • ChiSoxfan

    #35 Wow!

  • pyrosis

    More of #60 please.

  • Scottie D

    look at you #37, sitten there, being all hot as hell, luhh

  • @cdrank45

    Thank you for posting my pic, Chive! Seeing this made my day in Afghanistan! KCCO🙂

  • brian.o

    #68 I'm in Tampa!!

  • kwerner18

    #65 where are you from in Nebraska I'm from kearney

  • grandfred

    #37 moarrrrrr🙂

  • Zach Hughes

    #68 well done! Way to represent Tampa! Keep chiving on if you need any recommendations of cool places just give me a shout

  • Me127

    #12 looks like Bradley Cooper

  • Brian Dahlberg

    #68 I'm one of very few Chivers in Tampa!

  • Rhett

    #57 and #74 I'm also on Okinawa!!! Its good to know there are sexy chivettes near me!

  • wmasschiver

    #41 Would that be Berkshire MA? If so, we need to get you up to Northampton or Amherst for a Chive mini-meetup! Follow @wmasschiver on Twitter.

  • John

    Only like 14 of those were impressive the others were … Ok

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