There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (78 Photos)

Thanks again to all our Chivettes for breaking the internet this week. If you don't see yourself today, check back next week!

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes, submit here.

  • inked1992

    #39 and #58 for the win!!

  • Mike

    #68, I'm in Tampa

  • mike c

    #15 nice to tracks pub in Olds, Alberta in the background, lets hope they were on there way there

  • Josh

    #3 and #59 are super sexy MOAR please

  • longshot421

    #75 #85 Gorgeous eyes. Yes, I actually noticed your eyes. 😉

  • da goober

    #39 send MOAR
    #35 u are doing it right

  • Rick

    #11 and #55. Tan lines make butts perfect!

  • Rick

    #35, #36, #46, #69, #70 and #85. Just a few examples of how brunettes RULE THE WORLD.

  • Rick

    #85… in a class all her own.

  • Rick

    #87… gorgeous with her hair down, gorgeous with her hair pulled back; the rarest of beauties. Hey Chive, MOAR, please.

  • James

    25 is amazing, love the lips.

  • Justin

    Where are these women and why aren't they in my life?!

  • ChiSoxfan

    #35 Wow!

  • pyrosis

    More of #60 please.

  • Scottie D

    look at you #37, sitten there, being all hot as hell, luhh

  • @cdrank45

    Thank you for posting my pic, Chive! Seeing this made my day in Afghanistan! KCCO 🙂

  • brian.o

    #68 I'm in Tampa!!

  • kwerner18

    #65 where are you from in Nebraska I'm from kearney

  • grandfred

    #37 moarrrrrr 🙂

  • Zach Hughes

    #68 well done! Way to represent Tampa! Keep chiving on if you need any recommendations of cool places just give me a shout

  • Me127

    #12 looks like Bradley Cooper

  • Brian Dahlberg

    #68 I'm one of very few Chivers in Tampa!

  • Rhett

    #57 and #74 I'm also on Okinawa!!! Its good to know there are sexy chivettes near me!

  • wmasschiver

    #41 Would that be Berkshire MA? If so, we need to get you up to Northampton or Amherst for a Chive mini-meetup! Follow @wmasschiver on Twitter.

  • John

    Only like 14 of those were impressive the others were … Ok

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