College callout by conference

  • dorn

    Big 10 baby.

    • Dr. Awesome

      BIG 10 all the way

    • Jimmy Meltrigger

      They don't even have the right Big 10 Logo…

    • Bucky Jones

      Big10 can't even count

      • AveryJoe

        yeah, Big Ten has 12 teams, Big 12 has has 10 teams. What's your point?

        • Badoks


          • AveryJoe


            • go psu

              over rated

            • TomatoTipper

              U of M!!!!! Damn buckeyes.

              • AveryJoe

                We're Nuts, what do you expect?

        • MikeOverHere

          Yes, it's the first one. But it's an old logo, which was his point. Learn to read AveryJoe, you fucking dumbass.

    • Ness

      Boiler Up!

    • Anon

      And this conference will ALWAYS lose to the SEC….posers….

  • mike

    Chapman University – SCIAC

  • NC State

    Go Wolfpack!

    • ChiveOn


    • ECU

      Fuck State, go Pirates!


    Go Hokies!!!!!!!

    • Whitney

      I agree lets go hokies from a loyal chivette reading for enter sandman!!!!

  • istletoeBeltbuckle

    Ladies show us your Buckeyes!

  • Ryan Adams


  • Matt

    SEC. Vols Bitch. GBO

    • TNchiver

      Nice to see a fellow TN Chiver! KCCO from Knoxville!

      • FL Cracker

        SEC!!! GO GATORS…you guys gonna get rocked tomorrow

        • TNchiver

          I wish i could argue that!! I'm trying to be very optimistic in saying we are gonna turn things around this year!

          • Mdh

            We're three point favorites baby GBO

    • Armed Ann Dangerous

      The Bitches in Orange Britches!

    • True story

      Go Dawgs!

    • Ryan Lambert

      I still bleed orange, no matter what. V4L

  • James

    University of Alabama- Roll Tide- SEC

    • Michael

      Geaux Tigers….

    • rtr

      Roll tide!

  • Daddy

    Here come the Irish

    • Yea

      They do not have a conference dumbass

      • Domer

        We do now, we just joined the ACC 😉

      • FYI

        You're the dumbass. Notre dame has been a member of the big east until a few days ago. Now they are in the ACC but the football program remains independent. Next time make sure you know what you're talking about before you troll.

    • Justin112179

      Football didn't join the ACC… All the other sports joined the ACC. Football will remain independent.

    • IRISH



      Notre Dame

  • Ross Kalmbach

    SEC via LSU. If we don't get it one of us will. Hey, at least ya'll have basketball.

    • Lowrider

      You forgettin about Kentucky???

    • Misty Dawn

      GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!

    • David Allen

      LSU!!!! Geaux Tigers. Whooped some Idaho ass tonight!!!

    • Bath Salty Dog

      College in pajamas via my parents' basement

  • BuckyB

    Can't even get an up to date Big 10 logo? C'mon Chive….

    • TheTamara

      i was thinking the same thing.

  • WTFChive

    Bread and Circuses……Honey Boo Boo and sports this place has gone to shit

  • Richie

    Go Tigers!! LSU!!!

    • David Allen

      LSU!!!! Geaux Tigers!!!!

  • Uh huh


  • Average_Joe123

    Go Ivies!

  • oilfield bill


    • fuck you sooners

      Boomer losers

    • Boomer Sooner

      HELL YEAH, BOOMER SOONER from a former RUF/NEK

  • John

    VCU, new to the A-10… that's Shaka smart

  • twosticks

    Well now I need a KCCO flag to fly below my Ramnation flag in the most premium tailgating spot at Sonny Lubick Field in Fort Collins. So, Chive, you better get a KCCO flag to me in the mail ASAP,

  • br20006

    Might be the only one to rep the southern conference, but GO APPALACHIAN STATE!!!!!

    • markymark

      Rough game today by your App State… Beat by the Citadel by 24 pts at home!?!? that should drop your ranking a few spots! lol

      • Kyle

        Fuck Appy State.

  • PapaBurgundy13

    Hail to the Victors fools!


    THE University of Texas at Austin…BIG 12 all the way

    • Boomer Sooner

      FUCK TEXAS AND FUCK YOU. Cant wait to see the SOONERS beat your scrubs like a cheap hooker. There are only so many seasons you can call "rebuilding" before it turns out you just suck.

      • Jess

        Nice representation of OU douche. Texas tech faithful

        • Bishop

          Wreck em!!

  • br20006

    funny hail to the victors was posted right after app state

  • rh2117

    the NEW MWC!! dogs haven't done too good recently, but FRESNO STATE!!! GO DOGS!!!

  • Freemanjed

    MWC!!! Boise State Baby…

    • A.J.R

      Boise joins the Big East next year

  • Egan

    Go Cocks! SEC! SEC! SEC!

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