College callout by conference

  • Mouse

    Hook 'Em Horns

  • Matt

    Purple and GOLD! LSU – SEC

  • IhateTupperware

    War Damn Eagle!

  • Busterbwn

    GUNS UP!!!!!

  • Gr8 Scott

    Canes, Canes, Canes!

    The U

    • Gr8 Scott

      ACC sent the most players to NFL last year, and had the highest graduation of all major conferences. The SEC may be the best place to spend Saturday afternoon, but to prepare you for the real world it is the ACC!

    • GCN7897

      Looks like we found the one Miami fan. Go Noles!

  • Wilson

    Big 12, Strongest conference in the nation!!! EMAW

  • Harrison Martin

    C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS! National Champs!

  • Willis

    Crimson Tide

  • JPride

    Wolfpack all the way!

  • Shabooms

    geaux tigersssssss SEC brah!

  • Hallmiester

    Boomer Sooner Baby!!

  • Chuntasos

    Wreck em' Tech! Go Red Raiders!

  • Penn Quaker

    What about the Ivy League?

  • Erik

    Can we get the correct B1G logo? (That's Big Ten btw)

  • Alicia

    Let's gooooooooooooooo Mountaineers! Big XII baby!

  • FactChecker

    There is only one – SEC!

  • giggitygiggity

    rock chalk jayhawk go KU

  • King Couch Burner

    Hope the Big 12 is ready. Go Mountaineers

  • Enginerd

    Let's go B1G!

  • sandusky's kid

    damn my community college isn't in this…

  • Josh

    MAC! GO BSU!!

  • Golu

    I’ve read the summary of this only once and I added it to my wsihlist but now that I really, really read the summary, I want to get it. I loved Sweethearts!

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