Cool, but not the real thing: F-35 flight simulators (40 Photos)

  • Everlast

    Word to ya moms, i came to drop bombs.

    • IrishWolfhound

      Yeah, 2 bombs. Which is all the F-35 can carry.

  • IrishWolfhound

    Pity the F-35 is just another turkey.

  • ninetoes

    The navy and air force was suppose to have this plane for their air show pilots last year, but due to problems that they don't want to admit too. they are still flying the older planes

  • Ghandispimpcane

    My dad got to try out the simulator for the Marine Corp F-35B variant and he said it was a blast, especially checking out the simulated VTOL capabilities. Reason why my dad had the chance to try it is that my dad has to make the facilities to house the F-35 at Camp Pendelton.

  • Joe

    F-35 Lightning… multi billion dollars
    F-35 simulator… multi million dollars
    cockpit's HUD… still has ColecoVision graphics

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