• scooter

    is that maimee her?

  • and

    I swear, its like every filipino can sing like its nobody's business.

  • PRYZ

    Just like Asian culture to produce an exact copy for a fraction of the price. Respect

  • Carter2

    What's my future wife doing singing on The Chive?

  • Mac

    did anyone else see the creeper behind the wine bottles in the beginning?

  • Michael J Holmes

    You’ll always be MY bodyguard.

  • bongo

    credit where credit's due: she did well !

  • Pro Death

    Just wow!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.reis.54 Jerry Reis

    Nailed it!

  • http://twitter.com/LCRogers915 @LCRogers915

    this has to be in the Philippines.

  • Maxwell

    I am going to sing the song I can sing at the mall because daddy didnt give me enough attention

  • Dub


  • Pong

    Now that's what I call "FIND HER" worthy. It shouldn't always be abt boobs and ass.

  • Trinitiger

    I thought Whitney Houston's daughter was darker skinned?? Huh.
    If a Talent scout see's this, pick her up. She's got talent. Try out for the next American or X Factor.

  • its_forge

    She's fantastic but I always hated Whitney's tendency to turn the word "I" into nineteen syllables.

  • Anonymous

    X factor or Idol to good to sing in the mall!!

  • bobby

    jesus christ…how many people work there?

  • jason

    like a boss

  • SPH

    X-factor, The Voice, something. People like me, who sing with the sound of a hyena in heat, love hearing voices like that. Seems backwards that Britney Spears decide the talented people's fate. Nonetheless, this chic rocks, and I hope she can find a way to use that talent!!!!!

  • Paddy O

    Wow. Simply incredible, sign her!

  • http://twitter.com/RDRKeeper @RDRKeeper

    I hate it that Filipinos have a reputation for having great voices and I don't have one!

  • A.J.R

    Damn when I do Karaoke I just kicked outta bars

  • Ace


  • Dingus

    I rill alrays rove roo!


    And the karaoke salesman will be looking for a new job. ^_^

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