• Average_Joe123


  • Carguy95

    Why does she not have a record deal?

  • Robert

    DAMN!!!! Way to go!! Fucking awesome voice!!!

  • WailingFungus

    You can tell she certainly never practiced that little number. Baahaha yeah right, that was incredible.

  • Jason
  • Jason

    that's her channel… didn't see the embed button

  • nedsin

    and I will always lol

  • troy

    Amazing, im watchn Australias X-factor at the moment and shes pretty dam good.

  • Icu

    Girl you just kicked Whitney Houston's ass big time on that one.

  • rodthebod

    Not a "random" girl at all. Search "zendee rose tenerife" on YouTube. Not saying she's not talented. She really is. But she's purposely trying to act like an undiscovered talent so that she'll go viral.

  • malmon

    How to KCCO in the Philippines… Alcohol and Karaoke… Notice the background..Cheers Filipino Chivers!

    • bam

      Cheers! 🙂

  • Jesu

    Yep, Philippines. It's in one of the top Dep't stores/Supermarket in our country. The last sentence you'll hear is actually "Oo, Isa pa!" which means: Yes, one more.

  • bam

    Pinoy pride! 🙂

  • marty

    and i'm pretty sure i just fell in love… wow doesn't even begin to do justice to how amazing that was…

  • John

    the dude with the mop…

  • davie

    Brilliant 🙂

  • B.Calica

    She is now a regular co-host of Manny Pacquiao's regular show Manny Many Prices!!

  • thar

    not bad voice, but i cant stand sheep singers. baaaaaaa

  • Geno

    That girl in the mall voice is amazing Ive beed recording music for 20 years someone get that girl to the voice she would win hands down

  • BTLS

    Better than any of the "competitors" on Xfactor, _____ Got Talent or The Voice that I've seen.

  • https://www.facebook.com/kayleigh.duggan.9 Kayleigh Duggan

    Holy hell. Wasn't expecting that.

  • xzapato

    find her chive. seriously.

  • Ric

    As a fellow Filipino, I believe she is good but this girl on X Factor Philippines is way better…

    Her part starts at 2:20

  • Tom

    Absolutely Awesome !

  • strygwyr

    Her Name is Zendee Rose and she's a Filipino

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