It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (24 Photos)

  • misschris

    #22 What the actual fuck Japan?

    • Boooo

      I really don't want the context, either.

    • fuzzy_1

      is this a version of an alien movie?

    • twagholio

      Sara Jessica Parker before the operation?

    • SeaRay

      Sam and Max!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      And now for context! This is a photoshop of an image taken from Ichigo Mashimaro (Strawberry Marshmallow) OVA Episode 2 at around 21:25, in case anyone wanted to know. It certainly wasn't easy to find. -.-

  • Boooo

    #3 This is how I feel today.

    • Brutus

      Look at that silly dog, high as fuck trying to jump over that pole and shit.

  • whyme1973

    #6 Where do I send my resume?
    #24 Damn space age materials!

    • TrueDatStory

      I've been seeing #24 for years now, is there a name to that pair?!

      • Flynn

        Bottom of this old cracked article: (you may also enjoy the rest of it too…)

      • Flynn

        Ah, my apologies, after I went and checked, I saw they only show her face, and a first name. It's a start though..

    • paulhitchcock

      #6 The Chive offices. That's the view of Courtney Macomb from Bob's desk.

    • bob

      i stared at 24 for 10 minutes hoping it was a Gif and it would pop.

  • dawgbone98

    #23 Accompanying me on this away mission. Mr. Spock, Mr. Sulu and Ensign Ricky

    • northerner

      The "Star Trek Law of the Expendable Crewman" is never violated. If an "Away Team" has cast regulars on the team and one you never saw before, you can rest assured the unknown IS TOAST before the first commercial.

    • ice l

      If the red shirts get killed all the time how the fuck did the one guy get so old.

      Also, it must suck being that old and still being a red shirt. What path did you have to take to never get a promotion.

  • RYNO!

    #14 At least you got something out of her.

    • Nay-sayers

      Next time ask for a RIM JOB. At least then you can get some new wheels for your car.

  • Doug Funny


  • non, a

    Fuck you, button. #24

  • Tom

    #7 Wouldn't want to be on the same street as that thing

    • ChaaMandoo

      Burn that street down…

  • kal50

    #14 Hey, at least she went and got you a beer.

  • kal50

    #19 Put the fruit in the beer – then put the beer in the fruit

    • Shway

      Shorty will you be my, Corona and lime? And I will be your… main squeeze!

  • guard

    #19 very true.

    • Chadillac

      I swear I've been telling people that shit for years.

    • Simon

      Isn't it supposed to repel insects in its native areas?

      • Chris

        Thats exactly it, it's used by the Mexican people (where the beer comes from) to repel mosquitoes because they do not like the scent of the lime. Someone decided to push his in one day for no apparent reason

        • jordan

          Yeah we should stick with all those high quality American beers I hear so much about.

          • Big Poppa

            hey barman my beer tastes like piss,
            It's ok so does everyone elses. the Buds are on me!

          • TCH23

            High quality American beers????? HAHAHAHAHA what a joke. I can tell you know nothing about beer

  • sam

    #19 lime in beer is delicious. haters gonna hate

    • The_Ger

      Real beer is delicious, and requires no additives.

      • crazydog

        But that dark shit people keep saying is so good tastes like brewed oak bark.

        Corona IS the best

      • EuropeanBeer

        Since Americans never learned how to make real beer you might as well drink some with additives from your neighbours 😉

  • Dan

    #24 one of the only reposts i never get tired of seeing…then get mad at for strong buttons!!

  • Dutch Chiver

    Easy, he was spaced out….

    • Justin Roelofsen

      no the national color of holland (aka the dutch) is orange…:P

      • vlad

        And that makes him different from the other 500 some guys wearing orange how?

    • trl87

      Easier to think about why Red 6's name was Porkins.

    • bob

      no no no, he has gas, and dutch ovens his spaceship cockpit.

    • SWFU

      actually its a mistake…….its really pronounced dooosh see?

  • reaperACTUAL

    #8 read this in Cartman's voice, laughed, read it again…. scolled on….

  • fgbsgb

    I'm not 100% sure when began reading the comments section on the Chive. But each and every day I am more and more astounded by how annoying some Chivers are. What the fuck am I doing with my life?

    • Alex J

      Like you for instance? Your post was pretty annoying.

    • ChaaMandoo

      I don't understand why whine about it when your aren't forced to read them?

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  • Verbal_Kint

    #23 I'm about 2/3 through Shat's autobiography and it's fucking hilarious.

    • @sean_armstrong

      Upvoted for using the word 'Shat' in a sentence that wasn't used to describe anything shitty.

  • Simon

    Here come the thumbs down, but the motivation posts used to be, you know, motivational. These are all meme-ishly demotivational. Oh well, not to worry.

  • James Bishop

    This sucked… I need better motivation

    • TheCanadianGuy

      Wow.. I didn't know people used facebook on here. Your girlfriend has way to many pictures of herself open to the public…

  • rdub

    #12 Steven Spielberg on the set of Jaws.

  • shinystuffrocks

    #1 I read that as "diabeetus"..

    • James

      Bacon fights diabetes.

  • Rich

    Not as bad as "Porkins"

    • trl87

      Porkins makes a lot more sense really

  • John

    #17 Little bastard can sit and cry in an empty bathtub far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't be touching that even if it was my child.

    • Busy Bee

      The real true parent would taste it to see if it was chocolate. 😀

  • torrlato
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