Time changes some people more than others (44 Photos)

  • OneEndedStick

    Trap thread

  • FuckYu

    My best friend is a guy but his body produces more female hormones than testosterone, which means that his body is slowly but surely turning female.
    Now THAT!! is prison.

  • Q Lazzurus

    #23 "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me hard"

  • TLo

    Cat Saturday is way better than this

  • sweettreatsforall

    La Roux?

  • billyjack13

    So he likes the dick…. just come out and say it….

  • Chris

    Mind blowing? – yeah!, a little. WTF? – I guess. Creepy? – Not a very nice tag. Why put these shots up if you're just setting the guy up for all this lame homophobic lashing out? In my limited time here I've always felt the Chive was about having a good time, not about putting people down. I like the shots of Stas with his friends. Obviously they don't feel threatened because the dude is a little different.

  • Sam

    does it have a vagina?
    yes –> I'm in
    no –> Can we make a vagina?

  • Dave Clark

    Taylor Hanson really has changed over the years

  • Anomanom

    Probably a trap. Probably would anyway.

  • Adam

    For as accepting and supportive as this community is supposed to be, just one post reveals how intolerant and hateful so many of these people are. Post about another fucking dying military baby, Chive, and then you'll feel all better about yourselves.

  • mau

    fuck the chive and the administrator

  • http://twitter.com/RogueDom @RogueDom

    What they failed to mention is that his girlfriend is a lesbian. (Unwarranted speculation)

  • Gallus


  • Tom

    She stood back in line when they distributed the breasts…

  • TwiXXXie


  • bmalone

    da fuck? so is a disease to dress in drag..?

  • StinkFinger

    I feel guilty for just jerking off to this

  • Ifitaintbroke

    Someone should fire Bob, or at least write his ass up for this. He deserves reprimand and a warning. Another post like this and you should find his pic in "I Hate My Job". Next time you think of a thread to post, double check it with Jon or for that matter any warm-blooded person will do. Waste my time, and almost make me lose my lunch again and I will be going back to Break.com.

  • Jawbone

    If you were shooting for awareness of something, all you've done is rile up all the idiots whining about how this poor person cannot be accepted by society for dressing like a fag.

  • Kodos


  • Tropicana

    Why didn't TMZ tell us about Justin Berbers new hair. Looks good. Thanx chive.

  • Wet Sancho


  • Fenderbender

    He just looks like a guy who likes to act like he's a woman. It isn't until pic 39 that he actually looks like a woman. He is the very definition of an attention whore.

  • Ohboy

    yeah bro, im pretty too, but i dont claim to be half girl. this is a pretty lame post. its just pictures of someone. good job chive

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