Time changes some people more than others (44 Photos)

  • Ryan

    Sometimes I forget how dudebro this site can be. Embarrassing. This is what happens when you let the idiots sit at the table. If it isn't a hot chick with massively huge tits there is an echo of "Why would you post this." No room for anything different. (also, these mouth breathers realize there is real porn out there if that is all they are interested in, right?)

  • Dr. Bacon MD.

    this kid needs more bacon STAT!!!

  • john Wayne

    As said by my little person friend in Bad Santa-
    Many many fuqin years of therapy

  • bob

    So he is like Justin Beiber. That boy looks more like a girl than a boy, specially with that haircut.

  • C-Mo

    he's a sh….she's a he……he's a…a she-he

  • madi

    He's bloody beautiful… Oh gosh…

  • Not a homophobe

    Dude is gay… If he quit dressing like a woman, wearing makeup and carrying purses he wouldn't have near as many feminine qualities! Well not on the surface, he would still like men…

  • Greggory Hammell


  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.piney Matt Piney

    Wow, just wow!

  • Wraend

    I don't care if he had a 16 inch cock and chest hair–the moment you start making duck faces at a camera, you are a chick. That is all.

  • NickTheFish

    Well I'm going to have to scroll through atleast five FLBP posts to trick my brain into thinking I was never near this…. Or even looking at this… this guy. (It's a guy right?)

  • Rick

    I'd still hit it, but only if he/ she still has a little penis still

  • winterice

    Does he, she, hir, want to be perceived as a girl or a guy? Because, like, obviously if sie wanted to be a girl sie would just get gender bended. Btw, the pronouns I used were stolen from one of Elizabeth Bear's books and the Quiet War, which both of androgynous/neuter appropriate pronouns in them. The sie one might be wrong. Fuck if I know. Pick 1 (gender).

  • Joel H

    I didn't know Avril Lavigne was from Moscow.

  • shank

    WTF guy or girl !!

  • Nate

    i'm not one to judge or even speculate, but for the love of God just feed him/her!

  • yup

    That's a confused childhood right there.

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