Visit the Preikestolen cliff if you want to live (23 Photos & video)

  • ThatGuy

    When are they gonna jump?

  • Verbal_Kint

    No thank you. My asshole just spasmed and slammed shut.

    • MjD

      My Thoughts Exactly!!!! Pucker Factor 100!

      • Marge

        Same here!

    • NorCal420


    • Mark

      110 scaredy cats and counting.

    • Pete

      I like the idea of visiting that. The major thing which puts me off is that it looks kinda busy.

  • abaffuto


  • AnyoneForCoffee


    "Dammit! It took me four hours to walk up here! F**k you, Nature!"

    • Qbis

      Oh, come on! I was there, and it takes only 1,5 hour to get there!

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        You took the easy route then, y'coward.

  • Dan

    #6….Fuck That!

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #10 Any time I see the word Fjord, I think of Pinky and the Brain. One episode Pinky says Fjord instead of Narf, and that has stuck with me all this time…

    • Matt

      same here!

    • powderedtoastman

      every damn time!

  • Boobs

    Too scary.

    • Kristen


  • im down

    #20 looks safe

  • Sean

    In the states we would have guardrails everywhere to protect us from our own stupidity.

    • Dan

      And people still die somehow …

      • Dan

        well that would be because the guard rails aren't strong enough to hold most of the people who would lean on them…overweight ass america….i am an american btw.

        • DemonIAm

          Overweight ass America; who stomped almost everyone in the Olympics.

          • meh

            and landed on mars woo!!!

            • Chris

              I don't see many americans on Mars

              • quailman8907

                You saying curiosity isn't american?

          • Mark

            So there are are a couple of hundred super athletes and about 300 million fat asses. haha

    • BruthaV

      Doesn't sound like many folks get out in nature here in the Untied States. There are no guardrails at the top of Half Dome — and that a 4,000 foot drop to the valley floor (twice the height/distance of Preikestolen Cliff).

      Angels Landing in Zion does not have railings/guards at the top, either. Not sure why folks are making saying this, but it's wrong.

      • quailman8907

        Angel's Landing is one of my favorite places in the world-truly amazing.

        *goes and looks back through his pictures*

    • velvethammer

      Well, yeah, the view of the fjord is awe-inspiring, and the people are enjoying a real new-agey, moment of zen and communing with nature, etc. But my question is: how many people fall off the damn thing every year?
      PS: the guardrail would have to support a 200 lb load applied in any direction… just sayin'

  • MylesofStyles

    Not quite what I had in mind when I told Lars that I wanted to get high.

  • JSJ

    I wonder how many have died from slipping/jumping.

    • Guest

      From Wikipedia:
      In 2006 alone, 90,000 people visited Preikestolen during the four summer months. Nevertheless, to this day no safety railing has been constructed on the edge of the cliff so as not to harm the natural beauty of the cliff. Despite the insecure gorge, there have been no accidents at the site, but there have been suicides and suicide attempts. In February 2000, an Austrian woman and a Norwegian man committed a joint suicide by jumping together off the cliff after meeting on the internet and forming a suicide pact.[4] In October 2004, a young German couple were on their way to the cliff to commit suicide but were stopped in time by the Norwegian authorities[5]

    • murf

      I was there 7 years ago and arrived to the the half dozen visitors at the edge after a dog went over the edge!

  • .Krookz

    That thing would be ropes, gates, and fences if it were in America. God forbid a fat ass slip and fall

  • Bob

    Looks thrilling but also scary. In the US, guard rails would be everyone cos some idiot would fall and the family would sue.

    • Jeff

      But you can't fix stupid.

      • Bob

        True, some people will always be dumb but blame others for their lack of common sense

    • Thor

      sue who? mother nature?

  • DoubleNickelJP

    It appears you can't sue people in Norway. Natural selection reigns supreme!

    • Murdockh

      Who would you sue… nature? 😉

  • Dukes

    wow…got a slight tingle in my testicles… that normal???

    • JAFitC

      I didn't so much get a tingle as they retreated.

      • Frank

        I know what you mean. Stuff like this causes quite a rectal puckering, but I had the worst testicle retreat in my entire life this weekend. Had to watch the birthing videos with my prego wife. I think one of em ended up my lung.

        • Chris

          Well it's their fault for getting you in that situation anyway

  • Knick Turner

    The hike up to the cliff takes about 3 hours and is no joke with the trail going through streams and up rock faces, although I saw a chick from Spain do it in heels.

  • Andreas

    Im a Norwegian Chiver and many people have jumped from the cliff with parachutes 😛 and many of them died 😛 but we vikings up in the cold north are so bad ass that we dont need rails and stuff 😛 KCCO !

    • Murdockh

      "Many of them died"… ? No they didn't. Read the Wikipedia entry, dude.

      • vegasruel

        Wiki is always true….

  • Macro

    #20 Count me in. Sounds like a stunning view.

    • Lyle Lance


  • SinisteR

    VIDEO: @ ~0:24 …nice Tush!

  • jason walter

    <img src=""/&gt; Awesome, This area is famed for its natural beauty. <img src=""/&gt;

  • jjjjjjjj

    I can't a fjord that trip

    • abaffuto


      • quailman8907

        Yes, yes yes yes yes.

  • Alex J

    #20 ummm NO

    • Kristen

      ummm, Pussy.

      • Alex J

        ummm, i know.

  • morebeer

    I like that the camera man had a little time to zoom in on some spandex bum

  • splatterguard

    Imagine how high the safety railing would be if that was located in America. We wouldnt be able to get near it.

    • Alex J

      So true

  • one nut

    makes my balls ache

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