Hot Right Now: Wasted Chicago fan unleashes her own pair of cubs (Video)

What pure, genuine terror looks like (30 Photos)

Each year, the in Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagra Falls, Canada plays host to a single, heartstopping moment of pure terror which is captured on camera.

Here are some highlights from this year's victims so far...

  • Josh

    Niagara. Common mistake to misspell it Niagra.

  • Shaunboyo

    #28 good thing he brought his MMA fighting buddy

  • Mark

    #30 Girl on the right takes the cake.

  • Mark

    So are they looking at the 2 girls and a cup video?

  • danradice

    Ah, Nightmares. Right around from this Chiver's restaurant. Our bartender wears his KCCO shirt every shift under his uniform. 😀

  • Sean_YYC

    #7 KCCO #21 the guy is to retarded to be afraid #28 the guy in front will one day mail body parts across the country

  • Michael

    #7 #9 #27 Thats a lot of surprise butt sex!

  • abby normal

    That's not true, that's impossible #25

  • @waking86

    #27 conga line of FEAR!!

  • Alex

    #9 "If cop a feel I must, then cop a feel I will." That guy on the left looks pretty happy!

  • sil


  • @Zordabo

    Its probably a picture of my mother's cock.

  • redhead

    anyone else notice people are in terror conga lines?

  • BlueSkittle

    #1 = Old John! Fearless. Look at that. Just chuckles is off while everyone else messes themselves

  • Cooks

    #18 Our Virginity is being threatened!

  • Espanol

    If I ever saw Paula

  • ripii1981

    #6 its not a purse, it's a satchel.

  • Anonymous

    there are some fucked up looking people in canada.

  • Devin Bramblett


  • Rick

    #30 girl on the right needs to be a meme

  • Hunter Bowles

    far right guy made me literally "lol"

  • Hunter Bowles

    far right guy made me literally "lol"

  • Versari

    Um okay, WTF did they SEE??

  • Sterling

    i can't believe anyone goes through this alone. why? WHY?!?

  • GeoQuin4

    #1 is John in 30 years…

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