With great power comes great virginity (29 Photos)

  • Bob

    #16…Dude is doing better than most of the other people here. At least there's a female in the photo.

  • Bob

    #7 I am ashamed to be a man when guys don't touch the hottest girl in the world. She is a geek goddess too.

    • Yeah

      I'll take the thumbs down if I can get her name…

  • Random

    #27 I'm jealous…

    • Chan

      I'm jealous and I'm female.

    • AusChiver

      I'm more disappointed in his lack of proper shelving for those games. I'd be jealous but… I have most of the same stuff and a few other things.

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  • SteveO

    #10 If your going to try and look cool with a beer in the picture at least take the cap off…

  • robvc

    #29 is quite possibly the greatest thing to come out from Apple…

  • NOOT

    #23 and #28 should fight. just sayin…

    • NOOT

      DAMMIT i meant #26. I need to quit drinking

      • guard

        Your first idea might be more fun to watch.

  • Luimi_


  • Stick

    #17 and #19
    Someone's never been LARPing.
    Pretty fucking awesome physical activity. You haven't know true joy until you've beaten someone down with a sword, or shield bashed someone to the ground.

    Boobs everywhere as well

    • ConcernedCitizen

      Ever tried sports? Like Rugby or American Football? You get to bash people a lot harder.

  • JamesMoravia

    #7 looks like a pic from the Calgary expo last year

  • Nicktachi

    #7 River!!!!!

  • Kato

    #11 They can take my SNES, but they can never take away my virginity!

  • awhite2020

    #29 Who tried this after they saw this photo?

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  • Steve

    I expected to see a lot more camo and jean shorts

  • taiyed

    that's what they get for being unattractive.. that's what this post is about, right?

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #9 Damnit you better

  • lemonDorito

    #25 Nick Jonas?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #28 – looks like adam from mythbusters.

    chiver or chivette from bc?? join the twitter group that's for you!! –> http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

  • Daniel

    Number 21 is using Hyorinmaru, Captain Hitsugaya Toshiro's sword from the anime Bleach. Is it bad that's the first thing I thought of?

    • Yeah

      Bad? No. Badass? Yes.

  • Rabidcake

    #27 If my boyfriend and I moved in our loungeroom would be this x2 and throw in some gaming PC setups

  • Scott

    #4 is a chick.

  • thill24

    #28 Big Cat from Dyrdek's fantasy factory!!!!

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