• Steve3000

    I don't care if it's offensive, it's f*cking hilarious

    • BigManJones

      You just realized that it sounds like he's saying 'open condom style' on the Gangnam Style video. Have a nice day.

    • sixdeadelves

      i giggled a little

  • TTY

    When r U putting up the shirts

    • marvin

      Hitler on a shirt is never a good idea

  • Peter Venkman

    does anyone know what movie this is actually from? not the gangnam remix obviously, but the movie itself. 🙂

    • trixi

      It's from the movie Downfall.

      • Peter Venkman

        thanks trixi.

        • trixi

          You're most welcome.

    • WannabeNAVYbutMechE

      (German: Der Untergang)
      made in 2004 and directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel

    • sternsucks


    • Meh

      Ummm… if I remember correctly, I believe its from a movie called "Downfall".

    • noobbuster

      The movie is called downfall in case you didn't see all the other dumb fucks that didn't read the comments above them.

    • JTW

      Don't know. Sure wish I could help you but I can't even think of a way to find out what movie it is from.

    • anon

      It's from a film called "Downfall" Very good film.


    Fuckin people are so easily offended…Sop being bitches or get kicked in the coin purse

  • rob

    That is disturbing

  • logan

    this was posted on Reddit yesterday!!! come on chive we are better then them!!!

    • Static

      reddit sucks.

    • GetOverIt!

      Wah wah wah this was posted on blah blah blah – who fucking gives a shit!

      Don't you realize websites share public domain photos and clips, etc?

      Get over it! But here's a tip for you, come to theChive first, then go to reddit and bitch to them about having seen it on theChive the day before! We're sick of hearing you whiny asses complain, so go do it somewhere else!

      • ^^^^

        i was giving chive credit that we are better, but it looks like its just full of assholes who comment on other peoples comments and think they are better then anyone else, why dont you just stick to your own life, and dont worry about other people.

        • Greens21

          Reddit has millions of users, they will find and post stuff faster then theChive office can. Whats impressive is how often theChive posts stuff before i see it on the front page. least we can do is take solace that you know where Mac is getting all his cat pics from (not 9gag..).

          • Half true

            I have the BFM and the green KCCO, worn each probably twice in the last 3 months. I've never ever gotten a chive on from anybody. Sucks to be ugly. Pwahaha

  • jadedhero1331

    Not really a reaction…"Remix" would definitely be a better title. I expected this to have some funny subtitles or something.

  • 10thletter

    this is awesome

  • AssHaterson

    I've been tired of these stupid things for years now, but this one made me a pee a little.

  • john

    Haha hilarious, soooo orignal, I bet Noone has ever done this before ever, especially not with this movie

  • Chiver

    Inglorious bastards

    • Umm


      • Zach

        Downfall, its streaming on netflix

  • tv_paul

    It's the Nazi Dance Party Mix..I hope this comment doesn't cause a Führer..I mean furor.

    • trixi

      You, sir, are a genius for that pun.

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  • http://chive chris

    I agree with jadedhero1331. Would’ve been better if it was like the other Hitler reaction videos but still awesome:) haha seeing as how Idk ho to make the subtitles someone make it happen! 🙂 btw how is the actual movie

    • guy

      Actual movie is great and I am not normally a fan of reading an entire movie.

  • Sluuuut

    I'd fuck hitler

  • josh
  • Tristan

    Well I'm packing up the internet for the day…

  • IrishInNJ

    I think Mac should stick to Twitter….that he's good at.

  • JTK

    It's from Downfall…great German movie.

  • Mario

    Ok, I think that's enough of the internet for today…

  • FoolOfATook

    Well done!

  • Giblets

    That actors voice always reminds me of father jack from father ted "DRINK"

  • Geebs

    at least ad a link to the youtube video so the guy can get his hits, or some credit. come on Chive, at least a hat tip to the creators

    • CatfuckerMac

      That's not chive style. We prefer to steal everything and claim it as our own.

  • StinkFinger

    Can someone now make a video of Kim jong il doing Gangnam style?

  • Will

    Someone needs to do this using clips of Arnold Schwarzeneggers movies. That… would be outstanding.

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