Hot Right Now: Celebrities breakdown what it’s like filming sex scenes (25 Photos)

If you own a supercar, make sure you can drive one (74 Photos)

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  • SupraJeeper

    How do you even do some of these? How hard is it to control your right foot and use some common sense? I guess a lot of them probably have no idea what they're doing when driving the cars that have real manuals (ones with a clutch pedal).

  • TerminatorMetal

    I forgot. Which one of these was Ryan Dunn’s???

  • Biff

    Somebody tell me why the title says 74 Photos and there are in fact over 120 instead?? The editor been catnapping? I don't mind the chicks but what does the main theme have to do with them anyway?

  • crying time again

    please remove all the pix of wrecked cars —- it's just to emotionally challenging to see all those 4 wheeled dream machines crashed because of over privileged j.o.s with no brains, or driving abilities.

    oh yeah, the girls can stay.

    thank you

  • Danger

    Idk what happened in #61 but i feel like they deserved it for putting that stupid lightning shit on a Murci…

  • oilfieldbill

    #5 #15 #35 #57 #65 #67 #88 #95 #109 #117 #122. I got somthing they can drive fast or slow however they like it xoxoxoxo

  • @StAiChiLLin

    #35 is smoking tire hot please find. #99 seriously the new Lamborghini.

  • alex

    The death of a classic supercar is alot more depressing than a new one..

  • kenbob

    someone was injured in #24. I broke my jaw when it hit my desk.

  • Alex Pullen

    Mustangs are NOT super cars! P.O.S. Plastic toys if ya ask me.

  • laughingalways


  • US and A

    How do you crash an awd car?

  • Emily

    Why!! I love these cars so much they are gorgeous!! But it is oh so funny 🙂

  • spliggs

    How is a Cadillac a supercar? Maybe they slipped this one in the same way they put a picture of a fat guy in the middle of a hot chicks gallery…

  • IamwhoIam

    not enough hot women to offset the sadness of this post

  • DarthLoki

    #11, #120 I can't believe some D-bag tore up a Veyron…

  • Alex

    love a car and a hot girl but over 100 photos of smashed up cars is a bit much. Doesn't a post like this belong on theThrottle?

  • Tristan

    that Bugatti……..damn thats gonna be an expensive one.

  • Abrasive_Jay

    #20 & #21
    Both cars from the Russo Steele Car Auction that was caught in an unexpected storm.

  • Space Melon

    #55 such a nice Koenigsegg…

  • waltgator

    #33 bam! gnarly crash

  • RedKATT

    Do you know how sad i am from this

  • I Eats Bacon

    #15 Isn't there supposed to be a car in these photos?

  • Big Daddy

    #118 I hurt my eyes staring at it…………………………….Damn

  • Big Daddy

    #117 I hurt my eyes staring at it…………………………….Damn 118 had no effect on me at all

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