Hot Right Now: Bikini clad flight attendants are making airline owner an a**load of cash

Nothing about this is sexy (36 Photos)

  • Keith

    #15..I'd hit it and suck her toes right along with her lol

  • Adam Martinez

    Something about #18 that gets me going.

  • Okcab

    #25….In the right room hunny, but the kitchen is on the outside of the big cold box

  • done

    #25 is her name lindsey? i think i know her

  • Matt

    I disagree… #8 is DAMN SEXY!!!

  • Kayvon

    #7 IS hot, cause it's a Honda Accord! =P

  • DigitalBoyScout

    #27 Poor kid… you can't pick your parents.

    • DigitalBoyScout

      Sorry, #28 … DAMNIT.

  • butch

    somethings just can't be unseen

  • Canucks_Rule

    #10 & #17 – seriously, wtf? fellas like these plastic girls? fake boobs are one thing, but the rest needs to be natural.

    bc chivers/chivette. –>

  • Michael

    #34 lips look like an asshole

  • Kenny

    #3 #4 Bitches be crazy…

  • svp

    #17 she somehow not only got fat injected into her lips but also her fingernails

  • GlobeSwatter

    92% of these are sexy in Europe…

  • frankenscrote

    half of the chicks were hot with great sences of humor. Y I'd take a chick like that over some chick devoid of personality anyday. So I gotta ask: U so stuck up chive?

  • nuts

    just go a bit lowr babe and you can lick my nuts baby

  • waltgator

    #4 big tits, lets re-think this

  • wtf

    #20. A shifter and a bidet. When are they going to get self portrait model phones?

    • wtf

      Make that shitter

  • @scorpiontx77

    #1 still would

  • david

    # 16 is that a rash? *shudders*

  • Ben


    Kill it! Kill it with fire!!

    • Ben

      I meant #27. Damn

  • NP1972

    #21 WTF!!!

    #31 I think it's hungry!

  • T-Bone

    26 shows potential…

  • mmm

    #24 is great

  • Flavius

    #3 merryl streep ?

    • Art

      I think this is the new porn version of "The Wizard of Oz"…

  • Nice

    I'd roll the dice on #18

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