Old timey photos blow my mind (52 Photos)

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Sometimes I look at photos like these and I feel like I’m staring at pics of dinosaurs — it just feels surreal.

  • Big Poppa

    #4 ah the gays brfore vagisil

  • Gallus

    Please tell me the gal in #2 did not use the same spoon for all those kids!

    Is #38 Sally Kellerman?

  • ImALoserBaby


    anyone know what's going on there? i'm really curious!

    • beachgal

      me too!! I'd love to know.

  • Tex Maam

    Who is that in #8?

  • civage


  • cristobol

    Quick Marty, set time machine to #8, #35 and #47! Forward to the past!

  • crying time again

    not exactly a very original collection: seen 'em all before. wouldn't you know it, #6 was a blonde.

  • B-to-the-H

    #8 – Present Lower Back Problems

  • Kiiro_Ranger

    #11 what is Tom Hanks doing with those cats?

  • jmf10

    #5 Car dispenser?

  • Jessica

    #4 is that Tesla?

  • Jessica

    #3 oops

  • Joey

    #20 DAYUM…go, little black boy! :p jeez, shes just as skanky as the girls of today. (some girls, not all)

  • Dawn

    #16 Pipi Longstokings and old favorite of mine.

  • Party1

    #20 Is that Katy?

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