The Chivery T-shirt design finalists are in once again — Vote here (10 Designs)

Thanks to everyone who submitted to The Chivery’s Design Contest this August. After hundreds of submissions we give you the 10 finalists of which the top 3 Winners will go into production. After today’s vote we will post the winners tomorrow and you can expect them to be in The Chivery very soon. Let the voting begin!

  • butters

    #1 or #4

    • margarines

      way to pick the worst ones.

    • thebestgage

      Darth Brooks was the only on that made me laugh. On a side note, I tried writhing lol and couldn't fucking do it.

    • caleb

      How about a Jim Carrey, dumb and dumber spin…..i'd be interested in that. However, I am far too slow to actually make it. Discuss.

    • Dwide Schrude

      It's really hard to pick the design of the shirt that I won't be able to buy because I have a job and can't sit by a computer screen at 3pm California time waiting to click "refresh"

  • therealstake

    These are the finalists?? weak

    • Jake

      i agree, i do like #10 though

    • Epic_Failure1

      I wouldn't consider any of them very good. Last ones were much better

    • JSJ

      Agree, I'm not even voting they're that bad.

      • thebeefinjector

        Yeah i'm with you on that one…

        • Felcus

          You guys have a case of the Monday's? No, because it was the only good user-submitted shirt and it sold out right away.

          • mittens

            I'm trying to figure out if you have negative thumbs because you were snarky, or because 7 people misinterpreted your comment. I think it's the latter. Free thumb.

            • Felcus

              Cheers to you. Maybe I should have said "Zing!" at the end of the comment.

    • pass

      I'm with these guys… I'll pass.

      Should have gone with the royalties option… would have been much better options and everyone would have made more money… oh well what happens when you get greedy

      • Hand of Fate

        Yeah, I was kind of like, why would I want to submit designs for a shirt they'll make a ton of money on potentially for some small one time prize?

    • bo12

      I wasn't a big fan of any of them as well. I was stoked to get my hands on the "Case of the Mondays" from last time. Not much here brings a smile t my face. If anything #10 is a maybe.

      • wlkr29

        just not up to par.

    • oliver

      this is what happens when the intern makes the decisions for the 10 finalists

    • Ross

      I dont see boobies.

    • Tomato

      Yes quite weak. You know what shirt would be cool? The drunk magician. Some chiver made a graphic for it. Not sure where to find it now though

      • SLy_C

        You read my mind. I totally expected to see that show up in this top 10.

    • Alex J

      Agreed… Would not waste $25+ on any of these…. NEXT

    • Yawn

      Shit's WEAK!!! (make that shirt, it'd actually out sell the shit outta these finalists)

    • IrishWolfhound

      I agree, let them design their own shirts. Why the fuck should we do their jobs for them?

  • Scott CanSell

    #2 is awesome.. I've been waiting for a Ron Swanson shirt from the Chive

    • TCC

      Agreed, But I would rather it says one of his quotes. "What I said was Give me all the eggs and bacon you have"

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        I think a certain network might have a problem with this.

        • TCC

          True. Just change a word or two

      • trollatc

        TCC that sounds great.


      LOVE IT

    • THis.

      I think we all know thechive is wayy over due of a ron swanson shirt!! This one wins.

      • Walkabout Bandit

        They had a Ron Swanson shirt last year. One printing and NBC gave them a cease and desist on it. Ron Swanson is copyrighted so unless John and Leo want to give NBC all da moneyZ no shirt.

        • sandy astroglide

          And it's kind of ironic that they get sand in their vaginas when someone else sells a fake Chive shirt, but they sure don't mind stealing someone else's intellectual property or content.

    • Brick

      I thought it was Ron Burgundy.

  • GFJ

    these are all pretty terrible…

  • misschris

    #5 Ah memories!

    • Sad Panda

      What is this in reference to?

      • Kroger_Security

        what an L 7 wiener

      • Jax chiver

        The sandlot. Did you not have a childhood?!?!

      • dmatthew12


      • Rob

        The Sandlot

      • Tbone

        the sand lot

      • misschris

        You're killin me smalls!

        • Andy

          That was going to be my other submission

      • TheMoose03

        Michael "Squints" Paladores.

    • Andy

      #5 Hey that's mine! Awesome!

      • Chris

        Good one, Andy. Got my vote.

      • sjd

        Well done andy! Awesome memories. Great movie.

        • @GamerKitty84

          Take my money now! I want this shirt 😀

          • Mac

            lotioning, oiling, lotioning oiling,

      • Er. Mah. Gerd

        I love it… but Comic Sans…..really?

        • tim

          Total fail with Comic Sans.

          • derp

            It's a quote from a kid, in a kid movie. What did you want? Times New Roman? Gothic Bold? Wing dings?

            comic sans is appropriate

    • ParasiticDrag

      Wendy Peppercorn: FIND HER!!!

  • AssClown

    #3 I approve this.

    • post comment

      why? I thought you had bigger toes than that?

  • Beev

    I would probably wear #1 but I wouldn't pay $30 to get it

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #10 – I like this one, quite a bit compared to some of the others.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      I could've done without the drip though.

      • assman


        "…good enough, to fuck your mother!"

      • bob

        it's Vermont, it's maple syrup

        • Unfkngblvbl

          I know what it is, just don't need it on the shirt.

    • CarRamRod

      Who wants a mustache ride?

      License and registration….chicken fucker

      • Anonymous

        It's definitely my favorite of the bunch.

  • Fernie Martinez

    #1 or #5

  • rob

    Ron Fucking Swanson gets my vote

  • Apollos


    I have the weirdest boner right now…

    • GFJ

      This isn't even an original design. I feel another DQ coming on…

      • Scubasteve

        Should say "Fragile"

        • Schwartz

          Must be Italian

          • Alex - Italian

            If it was "grassone di merda" it should have been 'merican…

    • mike

      I saw this one the other day. Someone who also though it was clever was already wearing it. which means it's not original

  • Stephen Davidson

    Do over!

  • christiantf9

    #10 all the way!

  • Jerky

    They all suck.

    • Alex

      I have to agree, I'm not impressed at all which suprises me a lot, I really though they'd be cool.

    • 6655321

      Where's yours?

      • Jerky

        In your mom's dirty laundry. Tell that bitch I'm not going to let her blow me anymore if she keeps taking so long to wash my clothes.

        What? Because I didn't submit a design I don't get to express my opinion? Tough shit, dude, they asked for opinions when they asked for votes. Go be a whiny little bitch somewhere else.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #9 – only one that made me lol.

    bc chivers & chivettes, this group is for you!! –>

    • MattyDeuce

      I am shocked the admins have yet to ban you and end the spamming of your douchy Twitter account.

      • Canucks_Rule

        easy. i'm not selling jack. all i'm doing is promoting the chive and growing chive nation in bc. why suppress free advertising? so thanx for ur commentary and kcco… ass.

        • Patches

          lol… "I like the chive, please be my friend on twitter! I can't come up with anything good or original on my own so I will use someone else's website to try to meet people! And I will spam the shit out of their website in my desperate ploy to achieve actual human contact!"

          Forever alone Canucks fan.

          • Canucks_Rule

            meh, opinions are like assholes. everyone has one. if he admins say stop, i will. until then, enjoy clowns!!

          • sandy astroglide

            It's ironic that you rant about his lack of originality and creativity on a website whose entire content is either stolen from other websites or submitted by visitors.

  • JohnnyHeck

    Saw the 'A Christmas Story' leg shirt on BustedTees…

  • jrbug67

    My wife submitted some that were far better than these, and I don't usually compliment my wife. I guess if I had to pick I'd go with the driving monkey.

    • chicago

      just curious… what was her design idea?

      • jrbug67

        Unless you had access to the submissions its kind of hard to explain other than it had to with 2 dogs and a famous OJ trial quote

        • chicago

          no access. depending on the quote – idea sounds funny. you 2 take care.
          better luck next time! bye

          • jrbug67

            I posted it on page 4 of this thread.

            • chicago

              I found it = it's great. I'd buy that shirt.
              good quote for the "misfit" dogs.

    • @tonytouch24kt

      Quote of the week: from a jrbug67 "and I don't usually compliment my wife." Get this guy a Ron Swanson shirt ASAP. Thanks for the chuckle.

  • ReneUreta

    #8 cause who wouldn't want a monkey as their getaway driver?

    • Drew

      Must…. Have…. Grandma's boy shirt……

    • Trav1121

      I would buy the shit outta that shirt! Monkeys are fuckin' hilarious!

  • jadedhero1331

    #9 made me laugh a little. The rest don't live up to expectations.

  • Jobu4president

    #2 or #4 are awesome

    I find it hilarious when people come on and bash the designs, when they definitely didn't submit any ideas themselves and probably don't have a creative bone in their bodies.

    The chive is a positive place where people support each other, go take your negativity somewhere else.

    • weak sauce

      bro, they suck, plain and simple. nobody's trying to hurt anybody, you little pansy. they're just being honest. and the honest truth is, these are weak sauce, top to bottom.

    • the1thingfish

      They didn't ask us for our art credentials, they asked our opinions! Sorry if you got butt sore by folks doing what they asked them to do. So change your tampon and take a midal and get the hell over it!!!!

    • ...

      It's not really bashing them. People aren't saying "oh # is so dumb and unoriginal" (some will, but whatever). It's just saying, hey, out of a shit load of submissions, these are just…. ordinary. There's nothing magnificent. I'm not saying they're horrible or i could do better, but I kind of expected more out of both rounds from the "judges".

      • ...

        Especially considering each shirt will be going for at least $20…

    • WyzardSTi

      I submitted an idea… I think it's better than most of these but I'm going to KCCO and try again next time!

  • geeno
  • Macro

    Most are crappy ripoffs and 5-minute vector jobs, but #10 was amusing.

  • znuts

    #5 Sandlot is one of the bests.

    • Ciera

      i actually agree with you but is it so great that you would buy and wear it? bleh.

  • @EdSullivanToGo

    Not really a fan of any of these

    • echogeo

      Can't we vote for #11, None Of The Above?

      • TurdFerguson

        Yeah, or can we vote for fucking more Bill Fucking Murrays?

  • Steve Chi Town

    lets get these in 3x

    • Skinny in Milwaukee

      Wouldn't it be easier to just start a diet?

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