The Chivery T-shirt design finalists are in once again — Vote here (10 Designs)

Thanks to everyone who submitted to The Chivery’s Design Contest this August. After hundreds of submissions we give you the 10 finalists of which the top 3 Winners will go into production. After today’s vote we will post the winners tomorrow and you can expect them to be in The Chivery very soon. Let the voting begin!

  • FlyJoe

    I cant believe there wasn't any better submissions than this! These sucks!!!!!

  • Jmafar

    #2 Ron Swanson kinda has a
    Unknown Hinson look as well

  • @kccogirl

    #10 was my favorite, but its not saying much. They're all pretty meh

  • Gnarbot

    I think Peewee Herman's mug shot would have been appropriate. For now I vote #2

  • Topher

    shits weak… wizzeak!!

  • Sean

    Aww I don't think mac liked my mac attack shirt design

  • gregory

    i wouldn't pay money for any of them

  • Austin

    I'm salty cuz mine didn't get picked, but I think most of these are pretty meh. Where's my charolottes web bacon shirt?

  • lamesauce

    who the fuck would wear any of these? hipster apocalypse

  • Kevin

    I see a bunch of unoriginal ideas here, with a few exceptions. I'm not even going to vote because this is weak. I know there is better talent that was sent in. Losing the faith. The for-ev-er design is the only one that made me smile, but still, not much in the way or originality. Bummer.

  • Mike


  • Shmaw

    Yeah….the only recognition anybody wearing these will get from me is kick in the balls. They are all lame.

  • Andrew Johnson

    #10 pleeeeeeeaaase!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    They are Shitty!!!!!! I wouldn't buy any of these.

  • RJ_MacReady

    come on Chive, most of these and a bunch of the last batch aren't original at all, they're just cribbed from movies or shows that nearly everyone likes. let's see some real creativity, don't let this turn into the equivalent of the high-school jocks quoting Will Ferrell movies to each other.

  • Bill Wilcox

    Wasn't the 'Case of Mondays' the winner?

  • ChrisF_831

    It sucks we can only pick one of these…

  • koawm

    several of these were very funny

  • fr33kvanderwand


  • asher

    Big Ern Mccracken from kingpin played by BFM getting pop tarted in the scene where he holds up the rose bowling ball. Thats the next big shirt im telling you

  • jon

    #1 is a ripoff of a shirt

  • Matt Jordan

    The best design didn't get chosen – Steve F—ing Martin! Hello!! Sorry ya'll missed it. See it here. Buy it today.!__whatever

  • Madi


  • Wheelmandan

    #8 is genius

  • disappointing

    None, you didnt pick mine.. it was original, and it wasnt a knockoff of a tv show or current shirt design.. disappointing….

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