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  • A.J.R

    That's awesome!! Gotta watch the documentary!

  • KoalosAreAlwaysCute

    To see a smile in such adversity, I doth my hat to you gentlemen.

  • Derp

    Like a sir… Mad respect. I too tip my hat to these men.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.gorski.7 David Gorski

    Wow…lemonade anyone?

    • Leeks

      6 people didn't get the "When life gives you lemons…" reference.

  • Svand

    HANDBALL!! But seriously to have the faith, the hope, it is inspirational.

  • joe

    show this video to the nfl stars on the injury report with turf toe.

  • thatguy

    "Walk on with hope in your heart, and you'll never walk alone."
    Roll. I mean roll.

  • shogun

    I thought polio was all but wiped out. Seeing stuff like this makes me feel sheltered as an american. Anyway, these guys rock. Keep fighting, & never give up!

    • Tim

      Polio is all but wiped out, with less than 1000 cases per year.

      And feel proud, it was American doctors and money that created the vaccines.

      • Love what u got

        And yet it's mounting a come back due to people not getting imuninized. These people would have killed to have that opportunity and we've got people over here putting their kids at risk because some half a@$ chiropractor said it was bad for them. Oops chiropractors aren't doctors. They can't prescribe medicine for a reason. Nor should they be giving advice about it. Drives me nuts!

        • Tim

          You have people "over there" not getting it also, because they think its a trick from the west.
          Don't think that that type of thinking is limited to the US.

  • Me.

    Wtf were we missing out on a wonderful opportunity as kids in gym class on those roller things or what….

  • BaaBaGaNoosh

    They're only half the man i am! boom! take that polio survivors! That'll teach em to be awesome and do something productive with theirs lives. now back to eating fried things and trolling the net.

  • emu90

    bloody hell! that's gotta give you some mean callouses!
    bloody awesome though

  • Alex

    Awesome people are awesome.

  • Bob

    I think this should be the next Chiver fund raiser. Who is with me?

    • Bob

      15k to go on there kick starter account.

  • Mattamatix

    Olympic sport anyone?

  • Tommy

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  • Rudy

    Never under estimate the power of the human spirit !! These men are the leaders of the brotherhood of REAL MEN!!

  • Max

    Ghanaians are a remarkable people. Makes you see the "hardships" of others a bit differently.

  • Tammy001

    Love it! And you can support them on Kickstarter http://kck.st/O9hMZx

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