This lake house….this is the lake house (36 Photos)

Via Onekindesign

  • jealousman

    There are so many nice houses in that area

  • crying time again

    lovely decorator fantasy. too bad over rich people like this make West Van to expensive a place for the real people to live in. BTW, that's not a lake dolts, that's the pacific ocean.

  • Jackson

    Where the mountains meet the ocean in West Vancouver, British Columbia sits this award winning lakefront residence designed by renowned architect, Paul Merrick.
    How is a home on the ocean considered lakefront? You mean waterfront.

  • OhioChiver

    #23 I hope heaven looks a little like this. Wow.

  • Don

    repost in HQ!

  • MUpde


  • Brett

    Not even a Flat screen let alone a 50". Would not buy this house….

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