Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

  • Ant KC

    Is he gay? I won't friendzone you.

  • PapaSmurf

    #14 best pic ever! Fuck yeah bill!!!

  • CoryM

    Can I marry #5 please? Help me out Chive

    • CoryM

      Edit: #6
      KCCO I guess

  • ChaaMandoo

    "Damnit I told him to park my truck out back, sorry officer"

  • Sully

    #48 Can i be your best friend?

  • BuckeyeFF

    Love our Buckeye Chivettes #34

  • http://onfunzone.com/ ninechive
  • http://onfunzone.com/ ninechive
  • Kato

    #46 Remy Lacroix. Thank me later.

  • Mgunn

    Dear The Chive, you almost got me kicked off an airplane today and arrested. I swear it had nothing to do with the Haitian squirrel monkeys I was smuggling.

    I was flying from Dallas to Seattle and was viewing the DAR on my iPad thingy. Evidently someone saw some of the images and complained to the flight attendant that I was looking at "pornographic material in plain sight of other passengers". I was told to shut off my iPad or I would be subject to arrest when we landed.

    I said its a web site called The Chive. Ms. PantiesInAWad flight attendant told me to shut it off or she would advise the captain I was being disruptive and refusing to obey crew-person instructions. I said Mac told me it was ok. She didn't know what I was saying and clearly didnt think I was funny.

    I gave her a WTF smile and shut off my iPad thingy.

    Oh well.


  • bdg

    #36 and #51 FTW!!!!!!!
    #18 I just hope they keep getting shorter,and shirts get smaller too!!!!!!!!

  • cherone


  • Tim

    #6 what you expect to see at a Chive party. #12 What you actually get at a Chive party.

  • Gerritt

    #28 as a fellow airman I want MOAR!!!

  • Duck

    #14 Bill Fucking Murray knows whats up. # 51 is perhaps the best thing I could look at before bed.
    Peace and KCCO from Cstat TX

    • Duck

      #51 oops. too high lol

  • Rick

    #20 You may have missed; you may be late–in most cases that is cause for cheer; but wait dear lady what is I see but a whimsy damsel waiting for me

  • Fujballz

    #36, holy tapdancing Christ I miss college… thank you for reminding me how awesome it was and how I never hooked up with a girl like you. Moar please.

  • Yoyo


    it would mine too

  • Martin

    #49 Defuq is wrong with your friend?

  • Jemike5

    #49 It stings to be friend zoned. Happens to all of us. Even beautiful women. Move on KCCO
    #43 Are being over looked by everyone else, but not me. Great Hump! Wow Wow Wow More
    #39 Best of both worlds Damn
    #37 Yes; The idea is nice tush. Send more this week to make up for the bad lighting

  • Slip

    48-49 find a self help group or tell him your into anal. That's what I call an overturn of an opinion.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ampman11 Bill Wilcox

    #51 I would NEVER leave the bedroom!!!
    MOAR, find her, etc.!!!!!

  • Jason

    #49 deserves more than friendship ill give it to her

  • Jason

    #6 im no doctor but you look healthy to me but your still gonna have to strip all the way down for further examineation

  • Jason

    #27 women always look sexier with wet hair

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