Genius or Stupid? (35 Photos)

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  • MIKE

    or you could just be a man and carry all the bags at once

  • Canucks_Rule

    #13 – where can i buy one of these!!??

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • katie

    #8, #11, #19, #22, #23, #27, and #30 Sign me up! So fucking cool.

  • kyle

    #20 I love how the baby is asian hahahaha.

  • Dr. Bacon MD.

    #1 is a home made air cooler unit, they had these back in the 30's! you would put a block of ice or some had a blanket that you soaked in cold water! If I had an old truck I'd do this too!

  • SirCtheIII

    #5 Someone watched Top Gear…
    #24 TRANSFORMERS! Adopted step-cousin just showed up…

  • drew

    #28 Their cooking weisswhurst, a german dish We Q them all the time and there fargin GREAT

  • Jessica

    #15 I want this

  • mike

    #19 In different numbers would be legit!

  • no_angel

    #18 seen that years ago in florida.

  • gma

    #4 In the event of a trainwreck or emergency stop, you are quickly and humanely decapitated to prevent needless prolonged misery.

  • gma

    #10 next stop Failblog!

  • Curtis

    #23 Maybe the worst idea I've ever seen in my life. #25 AWESOME… if it works

  • MonkeyMadness

    #3 That's Dick York on the packaging.😛

  • MonkeyMadness

    #15 This looks really cool but how hard is it to maintain? How do you get the fish out when they die? Do you just have to look at the dead bodies floating at the top while you're trying to brush your teeth?

    • Jay

      i think the plastic circle pop open so you can drain the water out with a pump

  • drowningbarbie

    Notice that they put Darrin Stevens on the box of Safe Sleep

  • Casucks

    #18 I know I heard that the band "Barenaked Ladies" used to be called "Free Beer" before they were famous for exactly that reason… But eventually bars stopped booking them because of the so-called "false promise" So they went with Barenaked Ladies, which would have had a similar effect… But really that's just something I heard one time.. Have no idea if it's legit…

  • CJB

    #24 now dispose of that dead body with ease!

  • Matt

    #8 interesting he's writing chinese sign with a normal keyboard

  • Zuke

    #2, until someone gets pissed because they thought they were getting a cheese cube and get a shitty hardboiled egg instead.
    #3, until you put it on wrong and can't tell because your eyes are already closed.
    #6, until about 3 seconds in when it starts rubbing your hair in all the wrong directions and you can't handle having your head in it anymore.
    #10, until the dogs inevitably pull in different directions, one forwards and one backwards, and you end up eating dirt
    #14, until you get drunk, end up trying to sic your dog on people to see if you're the beastmaster, then get arrested.
    #15, until one of the fish dies and begins decomposing in the bottom. That way when you're sick to your stomach because you drank too much or have the flu or something you have a nice decomposing fish to aid you in puking every time you go to the bathroom.
    #18, until everyone murders you because, seriously, don't do that shit to people.
    #20, until child protective services comes and takes your child for humiliating them by somehow, some way making them look even stupider than they did previously.
    #21, until your hamster dies from all the blood loss from constant papercuts.
    #27, until you A) realize you look like a complete and total retard on the thing, and B) realize that it's borderline impossible to balance on something like that and the douchebag who made it should have put an extra wheel on the back.
    #32, until you realize you don't cut lettuce by madly chopping at it.
    #33, until sticky glaze gets all over your mug, then on your table as you suddenly recall that donuts aren't rock solid and they droop/break.
    #35, until someone realizes that…alright, I guess golden girls is enough of a cultural phenomenon that that would be sort of cool in a retro/ironic way. Fine.

    I'm testing the limits of the picture feature thinger. I'm not sure how it'll handle it or if the site will explode or anything, but if it does I'd like to send my apologies out to everyone who dies in the blast. Especially all the ladies out there. It's ok, I know, I know. I find me to be brutally handsome and charming and want to feel the safety and warmth of my big, masculine arms too. We'll be together again in the afterlife. Don't cry now.

  • ChaaMandoo

    #20 actually says "After a baby is born there is always the temptation to say 'It's cute, but what can it do'"

  • To lazy to log in

    #2 My mom had one of these when I was little! Can't say I'd get one now,but someone with a picky eater……….

  • phoneboy

    #18 – been there, done that.. except that we opened for a band called "Brothel" – so the sign said "BROTHEL with Free Beer"

    It was all good fun.

  • Hugh H

    I'd buy #10…

    (#14 is pretty cool too.)

  • J187

    #9 awesome if u ha e kids….#2 wtf for…. #3 what happens when ur woken up and startled….

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