Newly Single Chivettes (40 Photos)

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  • calilove81

    # 21

    new caption, "Newly Single Chivette…and now wanted for murder"

  • NatePuckett

    What do you want in a Chiver #13 ??? I'm in St. Louis and ready to make you one happy lady!

    • NatePuckett

      find me on FB if you're interested…just type in the name, and we're off 😉

  • BroRadley

    #13 woooaaaah im from stl. holla

  • wakka wakka

    The body on #16 is a 16/10. #31 deserves a better quality photo because she looks like a serious smokeshow. Also, #9.

  • Sanchez

    #6 and #7 are making an identical face!

  • @JDougE09

    #9 I'll drive to Texas for that smile

  • brad

    #31 howzit!

  • Tim Hamilton

    #21 the easiest way to get over a guy is to get under another.

  • Lyle

    #1 Holy Brown Eyes she's gorgeous! She needs to leave TX and come to Greensboro, NC!!!

  • Pete

    #2 and #6 come visit me!!!! @Army

  • Chris Henggeler

    #11 Represent Nebraska!

  • Bill

    #19 Amazing. Moar!

  • jdraves5

    #2 #6 #14 #31 anyone from colorado?

  • dave

    #9 needs to put up a facebook or something!!

  • Joshua

    Any of them from iowa? Single Chiver here ready to KCCO with a chivette! 🙂

  • bluskynoise


  • Vinnie Dermody

    #5, I've gotta get in touch with her 🙂

  • Bernie

    There is never free cheese in a mouse trap, thats all i gots to say!

  • McDo

    Is it just me,,,,or do they all look a little crazier than the normal chive girls….maybe why they are single again..

  • The Glass

    Hey #11,
    As right rippin cute as you are!… Go Pokes baby! UW pride! Get used to it!

  • oclvtrek

    #33 I love the bow tattoos on the back of her legs!

  • Scotzo

    wtf were these guys thinking?

  • PonyBoy

    # 39 is a doll

  • Will

    Need some newly single chivettes in central florida

  • Jesse

    #9 #29 I cannot believe someone would make these Chivettes single. A couple of Texas beauties. K.C.C.O.

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