Russian Club girls and the men who love them (32 Photos)


    Didn't the dude in #26 win The Bachlorette?

  • Med

    Didn't that guy win the Bachelorette?

  • d ram 59

    #1 I'm so fucking crushed right now

  • Juan R

    #27 Make Mine a Double.

  • Gradaddy

    #31 – good god…

  • Handjob

    I would totally fuck all those guys

  • Nick F

    #31 is freakin incredible. Yum.

  • dtm

    you must find #2

  • jedi

    what an ass on #12… I guess that could go both ways 😉

  • Luke

    #12 Lets get the Hump Day thread up!

  • Orukal

    #3 #17 #22 I guess maybe all you need is money and a good sense of humor…ok, maybe just the money.

  • lannen302

    no wonder theres so many russian mail order brides, look at all the douches !! just keep sendin em here lol

  • Tom

    Strange gallery….as in….not good

  • Alex J

    Why are Russians always so creepy looking? They do have some of the most beautiful girls on the planet though. Like #7… Too bad she's with some douche's

  • RobboJohn

    You got to love those Slavic beauties.

  • LostBroncoFan

    you sure this is not a douche bag post?

  • Croc

    Ok, I will get disliked. But, I don't think this classifies as a Douche Bag tag. If so, I don't know what to call Americans, they look way douchier'. These guys actually look somewhat normal. Seems like just a lot of jealous comments, because some normal looking guys are hanging with hot chicks. Which, I also see a ton of here.

  • Latouristr

    #31 please god find her chive we all need moar!!

  • john

    Holy hell, I need to go to Russia.

  • Livin' Legend

    These guys all seem pretty tame. I feel like it wouldn't be much of a challenge to walk into any given Russian club, kick every guy's ass, and point at any desired lady and go home with her.

  • Carlos

    Is it just me or does Russia have very well lit clubs?

  • nerd

    Why do all the dudes look brain-damaged? I need to go to Russia… at least I don't look like I was hit in the face by a bus…

  • Reyes Santa Cruz

    Reminds me of Scottsdale

  • dude

    lame post.

  • skinger

    The more I stare I at beautiful girls, the more it becomes clearer why some girls are lesbians or at least bisexual. Women are beautiful. Why wouldn't you want to be with them?

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