• Kristeen

    Makes me dizzy

    • Lexxy

      haha it does

    • bumble

      totally worth it

  • Bob

    That's one awesome video!

  • BenNotKenobi

    Made it to 1:40-ish about and got real queasy…prolly cause I'm watching on fullscreen. Never mind NSFW, not safe after a coupla' shots!!

  • Al_

    Girls aside, this is quite artistic and the editing is awesome…
    Considering the girls, THIS IS OUT OF THIS FUCKING WORLD!

  • Jezza67

    Not quite up there with Remy LaCroix's hula hoop vid. Still pretty cool.

  • mikeisfilthy

    i've got a boner and im dizzy

  • Jamz

    What just happened?

  • imjake09

    I want to be a hula hoop. No, i want to be THAT hula hoop. End of thought.

  • NP1972


  • anon

    i hate myself for not being able to finish the video

  • McCheddars

    Genius. And pasties. Moar Pasties ladies, please.

  • DLH

    That man is a genius.

  • sup

    We must learn the ancient art hippies use to lure in these hot women… I had no idea burning man had so much potential

  • Marc

    Genius. Mesmerizing and beautiful.
    This is my most favorite thing on the entire internet!
    Thanks Chive!

  • dan05

    I just added, "go to burning man with a hula hoop" to my list of things to do before i die…

  • truesaint

    SHITS TIGHT!!!!!

  • wowhot

    Find the girl from the thumbnail (same from 0:52)

  • Underbaker

    Loved the perspective of the video, but where were all these ladies when Chive did a Burning Man post a while ago?

  • Amazedguy

    The cinematography of this video is absolutely fantastic! plays in very well with the music! and the beautiful women of course help!!! Overall one of the most interesting/unique videos I've seen in a long while!!!

  • superman

    This makes me feel like im running really fast! What an awesome video!

  • eddie

    great idea. well done.

  • pray4snow

    my boner is dizzy

    • thedude

      my boner threw up all over the screen…

  • Occuplaya now

    Exceptional!!! Playa I miss you.

  • the teej


  • FWM

    Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Effing goddamn BRILLIANT!

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